Giving Thanks for What We Have…

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2012 has been a tough year.  Arguably 2011 was worse.  Arguably 2010 was even worse and a transitional year that voted in a bunch of Tea Party so-called Republicans, Democrats and Independents – that demanded that each one sign a Pledge from Grover Norquist for NO new taxes.  President Obama was under fire for passing his comprehensive National Healthcare euphemistically called Obama Care.  Big money was pleased that the Supreme Court was able to pass in a 5 to 4 decision that “Citizens United” or any Corporation was now to be considered “a person” and could give as much as they wanted to any political campaign, whenever they wanted it.  The days of the Independent Expenditure were marginalized and so billions and billions and billions of dollars were collected and spent on various political campaigns.  Independent Expenditures are now considered “Chump Change”….no big deal.  But they still are awful.

“Market Media” came along in a big way!  Fox News and CNN became the “voice box” for the extreme right wing Republicans, 1% donors and philosophical pirates belonging to Mitt Romney and his followers.  While the money flowed in like a boiling river to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Rush Limbaugh and others, MSNBC and CNNBC countered with their brand of Liberal, Progressive, Protect the President arguments.  Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Ed Schulz, Lawrence O’Donnel led the way and soon Fox News vs. MSNBC became the status quo.  The big news however was that the great Charlie Rose of PBS came on board the CBS Morning Show.  Suddenly, people could actually find some relevant news that wasn’t totally “Sold Out”.

Arguably, the Presidential Election of 2012 was one of the longest, most boring, most upsetting, most duplicitous in United States history.  Maybe, there were other lying, awful elections over the years that were worse…we just can’t remember any right now.  The good news is:  The Election is over and President Obama won….going away.  It was not a squeaker, it didn’t take months to finalize, it brought some semblance of quiet among those that still want to impeach the President.  There will be those that still call him a Libyan National or  say he has ruined our great country, which of course is their right.  The good news was that people like Elizabeth Warren was elected in Massachusetts.  She will be a good one in our opinion.  Mitt Romney has gone to Disneyland with his grand kids and will be living “not so quietly” in La Jolla, California after the first of the year.  He probably will be signing autographs at the great Crab Catcher restaurant every Friday night.  Who knows, maybe Paul Ryan will stop by every now and then to join the Romney’s – remembering the “good old days” on the campaign trail.

Yesterday, Israel and the Palestinian Authority signed a “Cease Fire”, which will allow freer access to Israeli Costco’s and Wal-Marts by every day Palestinians.  Hopefully, that “Cease Fire” will last for some time to come.  Meanwhile, we can be happy that our U.S. Armed Forces are out of Iraq.  We still have over 100,000 so-called Contractors….looking after things there – just in case some diplomat needs to send his wife and kids to the mall or local supermarket.  Glad we can employ some out of work veterans….and make a living for their families.  Hopefully, we can do the same thing in Afghanistan by 2014.  Doesn’t seem much chance right now, but we can pray.

How about the cost of Healthcare in the United States?  Obama Care is being blamed for the doubling of our annual premiums starting January 1st, 2013.  Odd when you think that the Big Three Insurance Companies will be doubling their Insurer base, including mainly healthy younger folks under 35.  Maybe our prayers for our Congressional members to get to the bottom of that – will eventually pay off for all those that have a tough time making those monthly premiums happen for themselves and their families.

We need to give Thanks for the lives saved in the Northeast during Hurricane Sandy.  The devestation is overwhelming.  Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Governor Chris Christy are luckily in-charge folks that know how to work well with the Federal Government and President Obama.  There loss is our loss and as we enjoy our turkey and stuffing today….we must save time for another prayer for our brothers and sisters in the Northeast.

There is little doubt that we cannot solve all the problems of the world with a simple prayer or two.  We can remember however, that when the Indians came to the Pilgrims and offered a peaceful respite and their harvest to feed, respect and join in a moment of joy together – that it offered a moment of hope and a moment to remember that with all our differences, there are times that we can all come together – to give thanks for what whatever we have.

Those Indians that came in peace and giving – wound up a few years later being destroyed by both Pilgrim greed and ethnic hate.  Those native americans were sacrificed in the name of progress.  Was any of that necessary?  Wasn’t there millions of acre feet of forest and lands which the Indians did not occupy that could have been developed?

Happy Thanksgiving to all –  Today we are “Giving Thanks for What We Have!”  The days ahead will be challenging, but gratifying.  Together we will do better, make a difference and hopefully grow into well informed, knowledgeable, caring human beings – helping not only our immediate families but others that we meet along the way.  Sounds naive doesn’t it?  Not really, the Supreme Being has blessed us already.  That Being has provided and overseen a wonderful country that will only grow and become better.  Thank you Lord, Thank you God, Thank you fellow citizens for “keeping the faith” and “our great social contract” to maintain excellence in all that we do.  Are there changes that need to be made?  Of course and that is why we are here – to make a difference, if we can!


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