“Deception” Monsanto’s New Business Plan

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It been 48 hours since the election and in the news cycle that’s a long time ago. As you know Prop 37 lost, although not by much. If you think about it, the ones who fought for us to have the right to know what is in our food, did a pretty good job considering Monsanto and its cronies spent 45 million dollars versus 8 million from the Yes on Prop 37 campaign.
If they believe this issue is done, they have another thing coming. This loss has gotten even more people on board and not just in California, its all over the United States. San Juan County in Washington State won their battle against Monsanto on November 6th when its constituents voted to ban the growing of GMOs. Not label it, but ban it. Several countries have recently banned the growing of GMOs in their countries and Russia recently banned the importing of any GMO food products as well, after the release of the French study in September.
This election has been the nastiest I have ever witnessed. I have been told it’s always been that way but this time they didn’t try to hide their deception; from Monsanto’s gang putting the FDA seal and a false quote from the agency on their mailers ( a Federal Crime), to Romney telling people that Jeep is shipping jobs to China. They knew fact checkers would be on their tails but they did it anyway. The organizers of Yes on Prop 37 filed a complaint with the Criminal Justice Department about the FDA seal, but I won’t hold my breath to see if anything comes out of that. I’m sure whoever thought up that idea knew they were safe to do so because Micheal Taylor (former V.P. for Monsanto) heads the FDA would look the other way.
Whole Foods Market even sounded like they were getting their cues from the Romney campaign handlers. First they said they were against genetically modified foods; then they weren’t sure; then they said Monsanto had them by the balls and they had to play along or get what? Whacked? Then the undercover video showing employees telling customers that there were no GMO foods sold in Whole Foods Markets went viral and mysteriuosly disappeared off YouTube a couple of days later. Finally Whole Foods went public in their support of Prop 37 but I never found out how much or if they contributed any cash to help the campaign. In my book, when it comes to campaigns and charities, money talks and…you know the rest.
I didn’t vote for Obama or Romney but I am happy Romney got his “I’m better than you” ass kicked. As for Monsanto, they may have won this round but we will pressure those who buy their “seeds of deception” and use it in their recipes – to stop. What Monsanto doesn’t understand is that none of these companies who helped them this time will abandon them like a used condom if their sales start dropping. There is no loyalty in this Capitalist Market climate to anyone or anything except their bottomline. Even for Monsanto’s current allies.

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