2nd Debate Commentary (from various OJB writers): Mittsfortunate Son

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Collage of Romney facial expressions from 2nd debate

Collage of Romney facial expressions from 2nd debate, taken from among photos on CNN.com.  Do voters want four years of this?

Editor’s Note: We’re going to put all of our responses to the events of the second Presidential debate of this campaign into one item, under an “Admin” label.  As new posts show up, they’ll be folded into this item in the order received. — GAD

From Ron and Anna Winship:

Josh Romney is unimpressed

Actual photo of Josh Romney in the audience watching his father debate.

Poor Candy Crowley…….stuck between Mr. Mitt Interruption and President Obama!  “What was the question….again?”  “Oh, equal pay for women?  Do they even work in the private sector?  Why do they need Healthcare?  Why aren’t they married – anyway?  Don’t they just stay at home and have babies….like Ann did?”

The issues and ducks were all out on the table tonight.  It took a while…..and then Mitt said it:  “The President and his Obama Care and Dodd-Frank Legislation is not a great legacy for this country over the last four years!”  Dodd-Frank; he finally said it!  Sounds like Mitt is ready to deregulate those banks….one more time for mama!  Are we talking an actual position on something for once?  He is against Dodd-Frank and therefore regulation of banking in general.  That fits doesn’t it?  Keep giving those companies tax write-offs for companies moving their businesses off shore.  The Romney position on forcing a deflated Chinese currency certainly made everyone in the room stunned by the boredom!

Mitt wants to give Green Cards to every foreign worker with a Phd, Masters or Bachelor Degree to hype those HI-B Visas.  Who needs to teach our own kids anything?  We can just use payola to bring those bright India, German and Chinese to move here and do our heavy intellectual lifting!  Mitt had some issues using his “bull in a china shop” debate tactics.  Refusing not to get the last word…..had him flummoxed…..Candy Crowley actually was able to finally wear this guy down.  The President stayed engaged but not as pushy as we might like.

We are not going to cover every debate point, but let’s just say that when Candy Crowley said:  “Yes, the day after the killings in Bengazi the President did say it was an act of terrorism!”  You could hear a pin drop.  Romney turned Pink, Red and then Green!  This is of course was right after Romney called the President everything but a white person……for using the situation to hide some undesignated Middle East failed policies!   You could see Mitt left with an opened mouth  and clawing:  “Am I mistaken in that?”

The President played the old bull this time and Mitt Romney was playing the young bull.  Immigration, Education, Women’s Issues, Manufacturing Jobs, Outsourcing  and now Libya?  The plus points for the President are building.   Next debate!

Mitt really needs to go back to the private sector!!!!


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