Gary DeLong Claims Credit for Another Man’s Record of Cleaning the Environment

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Gary DeLong as Dick Van Dyke's Chimney Sweep from Mary Poppins

Chim-Chimeree! Gary DeLong demonstrating his commitment to cleaner air by adopting another man’s persona.

The 47th Congressional district race between Sen. Alan Lowenthal and Long Beach City Councilman Gary DeLong is now spinning into new heights of craziness.  According to today’s OC Weekly

“A Democratic Party-commissioned poll released Wednesday based on voters in the 47th shows Lowenthal with a 20 percent lead over DeLong. Let the logrolling continue: The Republican’s campaign released a poll of its own today indicating DeLong has a 10 percent lead over Lowenthal.”

(Given that today is Wednesday, I’m not sure if the Democratic poll mentioned came out last Wednesday or if this piece was intended to be published tomorrow.  In any event, the Republican poll was presumably from Adam Probolsky, whose hair clippings I have previously offered to eat if his polling on the race is accurate, and so it probably bears less weight than those clippings would.)

The gambit by the DeLong campaign described below is such a massive bit of gall that I can’t resist sharing it.  Sen. Lowenthal’s district overlaps mine in two cities, Cypress and Stanton — Disclosure of Interest Alert! — so I’ve heard him give his stump speech quite a few times by now — and his discussion of his environmental record, especially regarding stemming air pollution the Port of Long Beach, is always a big point of emphasis.

Although DeLong is a climate change denier, he doesn’t seem to me to be a terrible guy (especially contrasted with someone like Rep. Issa), so I post this largely as a request for public intervention.  If we all laugh loud enough at him for pulling this sort of stunt, maybe he will stop, and then he’ll be able to limp back to Belmont Shores with a few intact shards of dignity.  Won’t you please call his office and laugh at him?  It’s a kindness, really.  — G.A.D.]


Alan Lowenthal and local port and environmental leaders sat down with area reporters today to discredit Republican Gary DeLong’s recent claims that he “led the effort to improve the water quality in Colorado Lagoon and reduce air pollution associated with the Port of Long Beach”.

On the week of October 15th, the DeLong campaign released a mail piece containing the Republican candidate’s “proven record”. The mail piece contained highly deceptive and inflated claims, claiming DeLong led the effort for restoring the Colorado Lagoon and cleaning up the Port air quality.

Why is Alan Lowenthal the only candidate supported by the state’s leading environmental organizations, like the Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters? Because Lowenthal’s record of covering the petroleum coke piles, reducing truck emissions, reducing pollution AND creating jobs is hard to match.

And apparently Gary DeLong feels that when you can’t match it, you just take credit for it.

“When it comes to protecting California’s environment, Senator Alan Lowenthal has an outstanding record: he’s earned a 96% lifetime score on CLCV’s Environmental Scorecard for his votes and leadership on environmental legislation,” said Rick Zbur, Chair of the Board, California League of Conservation Voters. “Alan has championed cleaning up California’s ports, thereby improving air quality, reducing pollution-related diseases that impact thousands of lives, and creating green jobs. His opponent is trying to mislead voters and take credit for Alan’s impressive accomplishments, but the truth is Alan Lowenthal is the only choice for U.S. Congress for California voters who care about clean air and water and the health of our communities.”

Sen. Lowenthal aggressively pursued the local, State, Federal funding that was necessary to completing the multiple-year-long Colorado Lagoon restoration project, which is located in Gary DeLong’s city council district.

“Alan has a proven leadership record with the Lagoon, the Port and the State, recognizing that creating jobs and improving the environment are compatible and essential for a healthy society,” said co-founder and former President of Friends of Colorado Lagoon Ray Thorn. “The State Water Board had postponed a vote on $3.2 million clean-up and abatement dollars.  Alan’s interventions secured that funding for the Lagoon, and the dredging was completed this September. Now, the Lagoon earns the cleanest water scores in Long Beach. Without Alan Lowenthal, the clean-up and restoration Colorado Lagoon would not be happening.”

“Alan Lowenthal breaks ground and Gary DeLong cuts ribbons,” Lowenthal spokesman Mike Shimpock said, “Saying he ‘led’ the efforts is like saying Paul Ryan supports the Affordable Care Act. Alan is a true environmental leader; he is the only candidate running who can prove it without piggy-backing on someone else’s accomplishments.”

Sen. Lowenthal is frequently acknowledged by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and leading port industries for his expertise and as a leader in crafting unique pro-business and pro-environmental  legislation.

“With Alan’s great leadership, we have been able to accomplish more in this City by working together. He certainly proved to me that making the Port more environmentally-friendly did not harm business; it actually made us stronger and more effective,” said Mario Cordero, former Port of Long Beach Harbor Commissioner. “Thanks to his leadership and persistence, the Port of Long Beach is recognized as the cleanest, most productive port in the world.” 

I have had the opportunity to work with Alan in his capacity as Chair of both the California State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee and the Sub Committee on California Ports and Goods Movement, and have always found him to be thoughtful, objective, and well-reasoned,” Doug Morgante, National Director of State Government Relations for Maersk Inc. said, “Too often, public policy disagreements turn into partisan political bickering. Alan has navigated the challenges of this process with success. A talent that is sadly missing from the current political arena. Have we always seen eye to eye? No. But Alan Lowenthal finds a way to reach common ground, by taking a common sense approach.”

At the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, Senator Lowenthal passed key legislation which helped cap harmful diesel emissions to improve air quality for residents across the South Bay. His legislation is highly-regarded as the catalyst for the Port of Long Beach’s Clean Trucks Initiative.

Alan Lowenthal is endorsed Maersk, Inc, Sierra Club, and the state and national chapters of the League of Conservation Voters. He is running for Congress in a district that bolsters an eleven-point Democratic registration advantage. President Obama won the district by eighteen points in the 2008 election.

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