Fullerton Police Officers’ Association <3's Flory and Alvarez *Updated 10/16*

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Mmm . . . free burgers and free love.


**Update 10/16**

The FPOA and Fullerton Firefighter’s PAC filed additional late expenditure reports (not to be confused with filing late reports– different problem, like Mr. Bankhead.)

We’re now up to $23,707.88 for Ms. Flory, $23,707.87 for Mr. Alvarez, for a combined total of $47,415.75.

Some perspective, that’s 53% more than Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform (Bushala’s PAC.  I would expect their spending totals to change quickly, but this is based on filed-to-date.)

Some better perspective, that’s almost 50% LESS than what Chevron spent on stamps to support measure W.  That does not include postage on their onslaught of rent-an-ad slate mailers.

Stamps people.  They cut a check for almost $90,000 to the US Post Office.

You think about that before casting a vote on building houses in West Coyote Hills.


(Original Post, 10/11)

Man, my optimism is taking a beating this week!

First, I find that two of the three sitting Fullerton Council members who voted to change the title of Measure W to favor Chevron in an absolutely ridiculous fashion have accepted money from Chevron’s Land and Development Project Manager.

Then, I discover that Bruce Whitaker accepted $1000 from the Slidebar, a institution heavily criticized by his supporters over at FFFF for Slidebar’s assumed involvement in Kelly Thomas’s death.

The whole time I’m thinking at least the Fullerton public safety unions are staying out of this one.  That’s a very good thing– maybe they learned their lesson in the recall.  This city needs to unify and move forward, to institute reform, and to restore the public’s confidence in those who are sworn to protect and serve the community.

This absolutely cannot happen when a public safety union forks over a ton of cash to their preferred candidate– a candidate who’s supposed to lead reform and heal the community.  It’s just too big of a conflict of interest for the public to swallow.

At least they’re staying out of it.  Maybe we’ve got a chance for some good . . .


Low and behold the FPOA filed a late contribution report that was posted this morning.  A whopping $27617.75.

$13808.88 to in support of Jan Flory

$13808.87 to in support of Rick Alvarez (Rick, I’d be pretty pissed about that penny if I were you.)

What the hell are we doing, Fullerton?  When did we say it’s OK to accept campaign funding from institutions we intend to reform, those attempting to buy destructive rezoning for their parcel, or from institutions popularly accused of instigating a murder?

Why does no one care?  Where is the accountability?  Where’s the transparency and honesty?

Give it back, people.  Give it back.

I bet on apathy a few posts ago.  So far pessimism 1 for 1, optimism 0 for 3.

More on funding in Fullerton and how it relates to Prop 32 coming soon . . .

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