FFFFwads Offer Unsourced Attack on Quirk-Silva, Accuse Her of “Penus Envy” [sic]

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Norby sideways

The “enviable” Chris Norby? Note: the woman next to him is not Sharon Quirk-Silva. Also note: printed sideways so that it will fit better into our automatic photo banner.

In what looks like a political attack coordinated with his favored Assembly candidate Chris Norby, FFFF honcho Tony Bushala accused Norby’s opponent Sharon Quirk-Silva of not attending a candidate forum in unincorporated West Anaheim (which may or may not have been attended by Norby — Bushala doesn’t say) after some unidentified person in her campaign supposedly used unidentified words in some unidentified way to indicate that Quirk-Silva would not attend because she was afraid of — and  Bushala puts none of this in quotes — “questions.”

Given the lack of detail, I have no idea if the story was true, or if perhaps the forum was put together by the Ethiopian Style Free Market Mouthbreathers Association and the very busy Quirk-Silva just decided to give it a pass.  Tony provides too few details to tell.  What is clear is that Norby — whom Bushala had trotted out a few months ago for a photo op at a protest of police brutality at the Anaheim Police station before apparently losing interest in it — was into the website with hardly a delay, accusing Quirk-Silva of refusing to debate him, which he’d do “any time, any place.”

(I think that Vern would agree with OJB being willing to set up another candidate debate at Steamers.  I’d be happy to be on the panel.  He can bring Sebourn — he did a credible job last time.)

While Bushala strained mightily to squeeze every dram of blood out of this stone, there’s just not much there — and not even much there to make the case that there might be much there if there was further investigation.  What made my jaw drop, though, was the top-level comment preceding Norby’s, by regular FFFF commenter “cg,” which said this:

Most women in power jobs, suffer from penus envy. They always have to try harder. That sometimes labels them as harsh or bitches. Where a man can be the same, and be labeled as strong a person. There is no balance when it comes to “left brain” and “right brain”.

BTW, I will not be voting for any of the women running for office. None of them support the same things that I do.

Words fail me in response to this, so:  GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

One would expect an immediate thorough ass-kicking of “cg” from any FFFFsters who didn’t think of themselves as FFFFwads, but instead one of the most prominent and Bushalaesque of the comments responded with only this:

I believe the word is spelled penis.

(Yes it is!  Ten marks for Slytherin!)

I’ve asked Chris Norby — who is apparently interested in this particular posting of Bushala’s — to denounce it.  We’ll see if he has the … integrity.

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