Conan the Barbarian writes his book.

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We strongly supported Arnold and the Recall of Gray Davis……back in the day.  Arnold’s Hollywood career had peaked, his decision at that time was to either “Man Up” and not be a “Girly Man” and throw his hat into the political ring and run for Governor – or simply be forced to “Shut Up Forever”.  Porn Star Mary Carey and Cruz Bustamante were Arnold’s chief rivals in the Recall Run-off.  His presence kind of spooked Gray Davis and the next thing you know – Arnold “The Terminator” became our California Governor.  This could not have happened in any small way, without the great effort of spouse Maria Shriver and even Senator Ted Kennedy.

Just as it looked as if the election was going to be a walk over for Arnold – attacks sprang out that he was a “womanizer”.  Various women came out and said that Arnold was really “The Gropenator” and had no qualms about using and abusing women throughout his Hollywood years.  Maria went on the campaign trail, left her own television career and the family stood strongly by Arnold, defusing a fairly strong list of attacks – and in the end Arnold prevailed.

Arnold body-building pose

The Arnold Administration got mixed reviews.  He always looked sharp standing with firefighters in the Central Valley or San Diego after the terrible fires.  He always looked great standing up for disabled kids and after school programs, but the California Budget made for a tough and impossible taskmaster.  Arnold came up with a list of Initiatives that could have made a difference, but was faced with an amazing array of Public Employee Unions, Democratic Legislators and a seemingly endless list of people calling Arnold naive!  This of course really made Arnold angry and he immediately hired a Democrat as his Chief of Staff, because the Republicans (RINOS) left him out to dry or twisting in the wind after the mid-term Initiative battle devestated his Budget Plan for California.

The rest of the Arnold Administration was basically uneventful – then the end of his term came and Maria made noises about a sudden break-up. Who was Mildred and Joe her son and how did this Housekeeper for Arnold and Maria figure into the Ex-Governor’s life? The truth didn’t take long to come out…Mildred the Housekeeper had Arnold’s love child and Arnold bought her a house, took care of her financial needs and……and…….we didn’t want to hear anymore. Arnold had come from being “The Terminator” to “The Gropenator” to “The Spermanator”! This beautiful, picture perfect family, realized political story and rising from obscurity in war torn Europe to an American Icon standing on the precipice of eternal stardom and history……suddenly was dashed against the rocks of a very unseemly reality. How could Arnold do this to his fans? How could Arnold do this to his family? How could Arnold do this to the people of California and the United States?

“Total Recall” is the name of a book that was just released yesterday.  It supposedly tells the story of Arnold’s life.  It brings up Mildred.  It brings up Joe the son of Mildred and Arnold.  Does it mention each and every member of his official family with Maria?  Does it tell about the impact to these folks or the Kennedy family?  Why did Arnold have to write this or have it written?  Why was he so pleasant on Piers Morgan last night?  Almost charming!  Why did Piers Morgan give Arnold – the big pass?  Did Arnold call the shots – as usual?  Arnold acted as if, it all was just an isolated car accident that he was involved with!  Almost as if, his name was really Tiger Woods, Ashton Kucher or Bill Clinton. ” Show People”…..they say.  Hey, Arnold and Lindsay Lohan and Governor Mark Sanford, Anthony Weiner, various Senators  and …and…..oh, there are all so many public figures that just seem to enjoy the negative publicity.   Was Arnold really just selling a “Bridge to Nowhere” – or his book?  Arnold seemed almost proud of being the bad little kid – fooling around on his wife and talking it up with buddies, smoking cigars and drinking high dollar brandy at his club.

Did Arnold  seek “forgiveness”?  No!  Did he seek the opportunity to tear up on television and honestly apologize for his bad behavior?  No!  What did he seek?  Just having people talk about him probably.  Celebrity stories are all sad – aren’t they?  They all leave broken promises, misspent choices and troubled family, friends and fans in their wake.  It was so bad after the initial revelation that Arnold had to go back to Austria and his home town……to get an award after the dire social tragedy-faux pax.  Egos out of control?  Egos that cannot live without the limelight, the talk, the sparkle, the fireworks – the spotlight?  Sad.  Sad, that celebrities never seem to realize that actions have consequences that can affect millions of people around the world.    They just look at their paychecks and say: “How bad can it b

So, we will have apologize to Arnold’s family – since he can’t seem to present himself prostrate now or show true contrition.  We will apologize, because we all should understand that our heroes, our hopes, our dreams and wishes for a fruitful future may be based on a simple image or personality with giant feet of clay!  We implore “The Arnold” to spend some time “out of the public view” for a couple of years -which we doubt he will do.  Please Arnold, do some good works for disabled kids, say a few Hail Mary’s and whatever else you have to do to show you care.  Don’t bother to come on any of the Sunday morning talk shows or tell the American people anything – until you have worked out “making peace with Maria and your own family”.   Never bother to mention Mildred or Joe again -in public!

Do we expect too much?  Does Arnold know what is his disgrace?  Is there any activity a celebrity can do that is considered truly “beyond the pale”?  Are there any standards of behavior that all of us should strive to achieve?  Is there little or no pride left in our society?  Arnold; you soiled the family bedroom sheets and you didn’t even seem to care!  With all your good deeds – you forgot the greatest rule:  “With great rewards – come great responsibilities!”  Not just for yourself – but for those you serve, your family and which include all of us that voted for you, supported you and pulled for you to succeed.

The road to redemption is a long and winding course. Bill Clinton in fact, has had walk that road. Clinton went to Korea to get those girls out. Clinton has done things that have shown that he was willing to try and become a better person. Like any alcoholic… is an every day concerted event and effort. Bill could fall off the rails at any time, but to his credit….at least he is making “the effort” – and a pretty good one, even if we must say!

Conan the Barbarian……writes his book!  However, this is certainly not the road or course to redemption Arnold!  You need to get a grip!  You need to find a good roll model and work out your Karma .

Then and only then……you can say:  “I’ll be back……”



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