Ron Thomas and Bax Baxter: Kelly Thomas’ Name to be Cleared Tuesday night!

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Kelly Thomas’ father Ron posted this last night on Facebook, and the Weekly has already picked it up:

Ron Thomas, and reformist Fullerton Police Chief Danny Hughes.

It is time to share with everyone the news of another victory in the pursuit of Justice for Kelly. Even though you don’t hear from me that often these days, I do continue to work every day on getting the justice that my son deserves. For 14 months now, I as well as many hundreds of you have wanted Kelly’s name cleared. Over the last three weeks, Captain Dan Hughes, acting Chief of Police in Fullerton and I have been working on wording that I have now approved as to clearing Kelly’s name.

Next Tuesday, September 18th at 6:30pm during the Fullerton City Council Meeting, Captain Hughes is going to speak to the City Council in a public forum and clear Kelly of ALL wrong doings that he was accused of. Please attend this meeting and show you continued support for Kelly. Also, there is another “Bomb-Shell” on the way. Stay tuned for that! I also want to put a rumor to rest. It is being said that Kelly’s Army is disbanded. This is not true at all. We all know about the little group of “Haters”. This is just more of there BS. Negativity and hatred will get us no where.

As always I want to thank everyone for everything that you do for Kelly. Because of all of the positive people who continue the fight, there will be Justice for Kelly!


And outspoken liberal activist and artist Stephan “Bax” Baster was inspired to comment, LATER last night:


Tonight Ron Thomas posted that Chief Hughes plans to clear Kelly’s name at Tuesday’s meeting. If this is true, this is a major victory. Our knee jerk reaction may be to say that this is too little too late, but this is one of the things so many of us have been fighting for over the last 14 months and we should celebrate it.

In February of this year I very ineloquently demanded this very thing at city council.  There is still a jury pool out there amongst us, who one day will be called to sit on the criminal trial with historic charges filed on two “on duty” officers; Jay Cicinelli for manslaughter and Manual Ramos for second degree murder. If the last thing this jury, in whose fate their future hangs, had heard from the Fullerton PD were Police Spokesman Andrew Goodrich’s and other officers lies, claiming that Kelly was breaking into cars, that Kelly inflicted injuries on officers, that Kelly was the aggressor, that Kelly had escalated the situation, that these officers were in the fight of their lives etc., all now all disproven, it may have exonerated these two thugs.

For the acting Chief, regardless of motive (I will go on the assumption they are pure), of the department that murdered Kelly, to clear the murder victim’s name before the trial of two of his officers, IS MAJOR. You will be hard pressed to find another example anywhere in California where this has been done before.

To all of you who have contributed to seeking Justice 4 Kelly over the last 14 months, in any capacity, I thank you, and you should take a few moments and enjoy this news. (For the record Jesse LaTour, currently spinning records at Mulberry Street, was the first person ever to ask the city council to investigate what happened to a homeless man at the transportation center on July 5th, 2011 and he did this weeks before I was tuned in.)  Our fight will not be over as long as charges have not been filed on Joe Wolfe, and the other three (Hampton, Craig, and Blatney) are still receiving paychecks from the city of Fullerton, but the clearing of Kelly’s name by FDP is historic, and this is a what a little piece of justice looks and feels like.  Be proud of yourselves tonight, then continue to the fight until all our demands are met.

To those of you who are sick of hearing about Kelly Thomas, some of you who have told me this are long time friends.  You have told me that you are tired of all my posts on the subject, that I am obsessed etc.  Well, I knew Kelly, and I truly liked him, he was mentally ill, but like you, he was a good person, this is what you do when someone you like is victimized.  This is why so many of us continue the fight.  We are getting results!!  We cleared an innocent man’s name!  If it were you who was beaten to death in this way, and then maligned by those that killed you, we would have done the same thing for you as well. I promise you that is true.  If you help us, this will all be over sooner.

To Jan Flory, Doug Chaffee, Pam Keller, Rick Alvarez, Don Bankhead, Kitty Jaramillo, and the rest of you that wore “I Love The Fullerton Police” shirts, but not once ever wore a shirt or made a statement in support of an innocent man who was murdered by members of that same Police Department you so unconditionally love, you were and continue to be on the wrong side of history.

Of the challengers for city council only Jane Rands and Barry Levinson were there with us, where the hell where you? You are political hacks and your psyche is such that you identify with the bully not the victim. In this, our post-Kelly Thomas Fullerton, we have no room for you and your kind. You are Fullerton’s equivalent of Eugene “Bull” Connor, the man who in 1963 unleashed the dogs and fire hoses on civil rights marchers Birmingham Alabama, and like him, you may still not feel any shame for this, but get ready, we will shame you.

I plan to shame you relentlessly starting at the next council meeting, if you do not step up. This is a New Fullerton and you will soon be irrelevant if you do not acknowledge that work is still unfinished, that Joe Wolfe needs to be charged and the other three need to be fired. It’s not too late, you can join us, there is no seniority in seeking justice. Ride the wave of justice with us, or drowned when it hits you … and I promise you with all the resources, creativity and energy that I can muster up, that it will hit you really fucking hard if you don’t!!

Baxter 2012 Campaign Poster.  Click for larger image!

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