Terrorists, Cur Dogs and Gun Control

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dog holding gun

Photo snagged from http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?180790-Dogs-In-The-Army-(Read-First-Post!!)/page24

Being life long animal lovers, virtually every breed, brand or type of dog, cat, bird or even field mouse can be adorable and sweet.  There is little doubt that when we take out a fly, spider or moth on our window in a plastic bag and allow him or her to go free after we have closed the screen door….their is a feeling of relief.  Glad we saved another specie for another day.  We walk around snails that cross our path by our garden.  We take drone bees, pick them up in a couple of tissues and dump them unceremoniously over the side of our deck.  When we see garden spiders, wasps and other possible harmful species…..we even take them with a wet paper towel and dump them over the side of the deck too!  We want everything to live!  Someone  might even accuse us of tending toward Hindu beliefs, even though we are Lutherans.  Let’s just say we believe strongly in the sanctity of life!

Having stated on firm position on “Life as we know it”, we do have our exceptions.  Let’s start with a very famous movie with Dee Wallace called “Cujo”.  This was a simple story of a very lovable country dog ….that is bitten by a rabid squirrel and turns into a killer.  This is an exciting cautionary tale of what can happen in life, cannot always be scripted.  Your dearest pet puppy can indeed turn into a “Cur Dog” quite capable of killing or injuring you or a member of your family or even a neighbor, friend or relative.  It took a tremendous effort by the “Cujo Mom” – Dee Wallace character…..to save herself and her family.

When dumb animals become infected with rabies or other infirmities……they can become deadly.  They do not have to be a poisonous snake, spider or animal to put someone in danger of life and limb.  Sadly, even the most caring and loving animal lover has to take action when serious things happen.  Cougars, Bears and other wild animals that may come into your neighborhood – which seems to be happening more and more lately…..need professional Animal Control and Park Rangers to deal with.  Finding two bears in your swimming pool or garage refrigerator aren’t normally expected occasions.  What would one do if those animals were to turn on you or a family member and you had no time to call for the Professionals?  They call this “Self Defense” and unless it is possible to flee to safety, it leaves any responsible human being with a choice.  Protect yourself or possibly perish in the process.

The Aurora Cineplex 6 shooting brings to mind all manner of thoughts regarding “Self Defense”, about “Terror”, about those amongst us that go off the rails for whatever purpose and kills with impunity.  There is little doubt that the Aurora Shooter was and is a Terrorist.  In addition to causing mass mayhem and carnage beyond the pale – he created a deadly Booby-Trapped residence which solely designed to kill, maime or destroy anyone that came upon that path.  One must conclude that anyone doing such a despicable set of acts – has either gone over the edge of reality or is simply a “Cur Dog” of society, which come along from time to time.  The Ted Bundy’s, the Jeffrey Dahmer’s, The Son of Sam, The Ted Kasinki’s – Uni-Bomber and so many more.  The wake of their diabolical acts creates years and years of pain and infirmity for those that become the victims.  Someone went to see the Opening Night of the Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado with a great expectation of excitement and fun in mind.  What they found was shear terror and the worst nightmare of their lives.  A nightmare which will continue for many of those that lived and for the family and friends and society of those that died and left us all – less than!

It didn’t take long after this terror for folks with various agenda’s to come out of the darkness and demand further restrictions on firearms.  The shock, horror  and terror for all of us that have been watching this situation has created a fertile environment for painful attacks by political opportunists on anyone that doesn’t demand that the terrible pain – immediately stop.  Believing that laws can stop a “Cur Dog Killer” is not only bad public policy, but very bad realistic thinking.  They used to say that “Bleeding Heart Liberals” could put on a happy face in a Prisoner of War Camp!  Believing that no one is bad…..is a terrible mistake which in fact costs lives through their stupidity.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the self-consumed Liberal Republican in charge of New York City has been among the first to cast accusations against millions of law abiding gun owners in America – because he has found a “poster boy of hate”.

There are always a list of “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” that occurs “after the fact”.  In some cases, corrective action is required.  In some cases new regulations and laws can make a difference – especially when it comes to environmental issues.  The Exxon Valdes, The BP Gulf Oil Disaster, Current lack of Regulations on Banks and even Oil Fracking procedures.  We stand unconvinced that a “Lone Gunman” being regulated by more laws would halt any of these issues without further incidents.

Terrorists will occur on our soil.  Domestic Terrorists will occur on our soil.  “Cur Dog Personalities” will occur on our soil.  Protecting our society will require the great heroism that was exemplified for all to see in Theater’s 8 & 9 at Cineplex 6, in Aurora, Colorado on that Friday – Midnight showing of Batman – Rise!

Crime will continue to occur in society.  There will be poor, there will be cruel and mean people that have no social responsibility for their fellowman, there will be rich that take advantage of the poor, there will be many doing wrong in our society and we will not be able to solve all of our problems without great effort.One thing is surely true –  When we find a “Cur Dog” in our midst……..we need to identify it and take immediate action.  These people should not be given a fair shake.  They have aborgated their responsibility to society and in our opinion do not deserve anything but a speedy and abbreviated resolution by the justice system.

The Social Contract established by Jean Jacques Rosseau requires and do not include:  Terrorists, Cur Dogs or Gun Control.  It simply requires that we don’t not go beyond the bounds of the civilization that we reside in – where our friends, families, neighbors  and associates can believe that we all have respect for each other and the other’s safety.  A simple concept which agrees that all our lives are just as important and necessary – no matter what their opinion!

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