The Lakers need to go Fish!

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We love Kobe so much.  Even though he has had one heck of a year, losing Vanessa….losing a couple of houses……losing Lamar Odom……..losing Fisher……and finally losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games.  Sometimes, things happen like that.  You get on a roll and the next thing you know, you have a crappy coach that is supposed to preach DEFENSE and lets the Thunder score 106 points in a pivotal Game 5.  We have never liked Mike Brown.  We don’t like anything about him.  The way he screams from the sidelines, jumps up and down and hammers everyone in a 30 Second Time Out.  Phil Jackson never did that.  Pat Reilly never did that.  These are not our Lakers!

So, fellas and gals the days of Laker Glory are over for now.  Jim Buss is going to have to switch gears and get the message:  The Lakers Represent Los Angeles, California…..not the NBA…..not even the Buss Family.  Mike Brown needs to be fired in the next 30 Days.  Quietly, but gone.  Stan Van Gundy needs to come in and jump up and down, scream from the sidelines and make several arm and hand movements during every 30 Second Time Out taken by the Lakers.  Stan has to join hands with Kobe and decide who goes and who stays in 2013!  Not Jim Buss or any so-called Lakers Management.  Stan has to surround himself with the energy of the “Old Time Lakers”.  Stan needs to re-make himself into the image of Los Angeles with the help of Jack Nicholson, Danny Devito and Jason Alexander.

Let’s get a new look:  Pau Gasol……gone!  Barnes…gone!  Metta World Peace….gone!  Sessions….stays for now!  Andrew Bynum…..stays for now!  Lamar Odom…makes the impossible comeback and comes back to the Lakers for peanuts!  Every new guy we get needs to be a lights out 3 point shooter.  With Sessions filling in for Kobe when Kobe is tired……….Sessions has until the start of next years season to make every 3 point shot imaginable from any place on the court.

Did anyone see Oklahoma against the Lakers?  These Okies are terrible thugs, mean awful gang members that can shoot 3 point shots with consistency.  What did we have……Metta….Miss!  Pau….Goof!  Barnes….when and if.  It was a sorry example of playing basketball.  It was an even worse concept of coaching.  We need a closer and without a great Pat Reilly or Phil Jackson…we need someone with character and charisma!  Mike Brown has neither.  Can you imagine the Lakers playing San Antonio?  The Spurs would win in Three Games……and the Lakers would just phone in the Fourth Game!  Brutal to watch.  It is our wish that San Antonio beat those Okies in Four Games Straight.  We advise the Spurs that the Thunder are a big bunch of bullies, mean spirited and phonies.  Please crush them (the Thunder) with impunity San Antonio.

The Lakers need to go Fish……and that means get Derek Fisher back.  We can make him the Ball Boy….or head of the Laker Cheerleaders….but we need the Fish back in the Purple and Gold.  Derek was our good luck charm!  Without him……..we are in trouble!  When you find yourself routing for the Clippers….you know that Laker Basketball has fallen in the tank.  The Lakers never had a chance against the Thunder….because we had no one that could consistently shoot the dreaded and needed 3 pointer when we needed it.






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