Romney backers spend $6 million attacking Obama for investing in Anaheim’s Fisker Automotive

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Map of area around Fisker Automotive

Election-rigging oil billionaires apparently think OC is a foreign country

The political world is abuzz today with a $6.1 million ad guy from “Americans for Prosperity”, the Citizens United-fueled independent expenditure machine. AfP, the creature of twisted oil billionaires Charles and David Koch, is unsurprisingly going after the Obama Administration for — lie down on your fainting couch! — “green investment.” (That’s as opposed to, you know, giving public money to subsidize Big Oil.)

As someone who will vote for Obama with some misgivings (misgivings that are getting easier to ignore with every day of the Romney campaign), I probably shouldn’t show you the video of the ad — but I want to be as fair as possible, so here ya go:

The ad is airing only in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia — you know, the states that actually get to choose the President unlike you and me — and attacks Obama for “Billions of taxpayer dollars spent on green energy went to jobs in foreign countries” including Mexico, Finland, and China.

To be utterly fair, the Obama Administration came out with it’s own take-down of the ad, including a rare and precious use of the term “BS” by a Deputy Campaign Manager, here:

That the ad is full of lies has been well-documented, earning a coveted (by opponents of whoever places an ad) “Four Pinocchios” designation from the Washington Post, which says in part:

Another claim — “half a billion to a car company that created hundreds of jobs in Finland” — cites ABC News. That report focused on the fact that engineering and tooling work for a new electric vehicle — funded through the Energy Department — was being done in the United States, but that the vehicles are being assembled at a plant in Finland because the United States did not have right facilities. But ABC noted that Fisker will “ultimately produce 2,500 more jobs when Fisker builds a lower-priced version of the car in Delaware.”

Huh — did you get that? Engineering and tooling done in the U.S.; assembly not done here because of a previous lack of green investment during the “Dark Ages” of 2001-2008.  But why do I post this here?  Simple:

Fisker Automotive is located in Orange County.

Yep — it’s right up in Anaheim Hills, above the river, tantalizing close to (but not within!) my own Senate district.  That map at the top?  That’s where they are.  Orrrrrrange County!

Those public-investment-related jobs that the oil billionaire Romney supporters are complaining about?  They’re going to your neighbors, here in your county, and they’re also making the world a better and cleaner place.

The joke’s on me — most people who see the ad will swallow its lies whole; they’ll never see the Washington Post article or the Obama campaign’s response or even this very Orange Juice post.  And that’s why the billionaire oil tycoons are lying: lying pays.

At least you here will know the truth, though!  And if you know anyone who works at Fisker Automotive, I’d love to hear them tell their story here!

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