Friday May 11 – meet the PEOPLE’S candidates for Fullerton Council – Jane, Matt and Glenn!

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This invitation comes from good OJ friend Steve Baxter, dean of Fullerton’s insurgent liberals:

Free Booze & a legal coup d’état:
Jane Rands, Matt Rowe & Glenn Georgieff
tell us how they plan to emancipate Fullerton from the pimps that bought her 20 years ago.

This coming Friday, May 11th, at 6pm, you are invited to the home of Stephan and Noele Baxter, to meet and question Fullerton Recall City Council candidates Matt Rowe, Jane Rands and Glenn Georgieff. [E-mail to RSVP, and for address.]

Matt, Jane and Glenn are the candidates who I am supporting for each of the three recall races to replace Pat McKinley, Don Bankhead and Dick Jones. Matt, Jane and Glenn have agreed to come prepared to address the following:

  1. The Kelly Thomas murder:  What would they have done differently compared to the man they are running against, and what do they plan to do in the future to protect the citizens of Fullerton from the Police.
  2. What are their plans for Coyote Hills?
  3. Because The Fullerton Art Walk, in my opinion, provided Fullerton with the life support it needed during the aftermath of Kelly’s death, and because it remains one of the most popular and positive Fullerton events, I would like the candidates to address what role city government can or should play in helping to promote more positive art, music and culturally relative events.
  4. Whatever other one issue they feel is their top priority.

Unlike many of the other candidates’ statements, and other meet and greets, there will be no f*cking platitudes about community oversight and accountability allowed without specifics.  Specifics will rule the day, and questions from you, our guest, while civil, will not be filtered first by the sensibilities of a 70 year old League of Woman’s Voters docent.   (My opinion of the LVW only, not the candidates).

To varying degrees, I know all three candidates personally, and they each bring a unique and differently focused passion to city government.  I would never support any one of them if I was not 100% sure that their outrage over the murder of Kelly Thomas was solely focused on justice.  For Matt, Jane, and Glenn, Kelly’s murder was not first and foremost viewed as a conduit for a personal or political agenda, or as a political rematch opportunity with McKinley. We welcome the support of all who are fighting to hold accountable the police who murdered Kelly, but I personally will only vote for those whose motives in doing so are pure.

These three candidates have not endorsed each other and are today are not aligned in any way.   They will not agree on everything and I do not agree with them on everything, but for our convenience they each were willing to accept this invitation to speak to us at the same gathering.

My hope, however, is that their supporters, and they themselves, might find enough common ground, that they consider taking advantage of the unique circumstance offered by this recall election.   Mainly, that they consider pooling their resources and core support since they are not competing against each other. Unlike some others, they do not have unlimited self funding, or a political machine behind them. But together they can change the dynamic of this race, like no other local political election before it.   In my opinion, individual success is possible and perhaps likely, but together it is almost assured.

Joining resources could be the game changer that rescues this city from the self serving hacks who now represent us, without handing the reins over to the Teabaggers, who, in truth, care more about a water tax than a homeless man’s murder, and care more about Chevron’s profits, than our city’s livability.

This may or may not happen, but either way, having three candidates, all contenders, and all representing somewhat different voting blocks, at a private residents house on the same night, is a first, and it is guaranteed to not be a snore fest.    If you are registered to vote in Fullerton, please RSVP as soon as possible if you can attend.   Space will be limited. We very much look forward to seeing you.

Do you love Fullerton? If the aswer is yes. Then get informed and fight for her.

Booze, hors d’oeuvres and inappropriate hugs will be provided by your handsome hosts.


(Let’s wrap this up with a few of Bax’s great political posters!)


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