Crossing Delancy Street……

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President Obama, Vice President Biden, Mitt Romney and half the people of the United States are all a Twitter about the “Same Sex Marriage Concept”.  The cover of Time magazine has a photo of a three year old boy suckling from his svelt 26 year old mother’s left breast.  Saturday Night Live did a take off on the Biden-Obama statements supporting “Same Sex Marriage”…… after ruminating over the idea for some time.  So, what are the issues?  How many folks are we really talking about here?

In the meantime, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney declared at an Liberty University Evangelical event that “Marriage is between One Man and One Woman”.  This daring move seems to match the 72% of Americans that believe the same thing.  But perhaps this a good time to get behind all the numbers and beyond the grandstanding rhetoric about “Same Sex Marriage – Right or Wrong”!

The U.S. Census of 2010 tells us some but not all of the picture.  Supposedly there are about 210 million households in America.  310 million Americans, plus or minus the uncounted illegal aliens and underground citizens.  The number of homosexual, lesbian or bi-sexual persons carries a very broad assessment:  4 million to 19 million appear to be folks in America that may be either homosexual, lesbian,  bi-sexual or undecided.  Of those counted, the number of live together same sex couples looks to be about 38% of whatever number you choose to be considered viable.  Taking the larger number to begin; of those that are living together that are either homosexual, lesbian or bi-sexual… that number comes to about 7 million folks.   So, of that seven million how many are in “committed same sex relationships”?  Well, that number is the one that is harder to determine.  Perhaps we should ask how many heterosexual relationships are “comitted and true to each other” …….to get an overall idea?  60% of Marriages in the United States fail.  How many more than that remain in relationships that are both abusive and harmful to the children or other members of the family unit – including live in relatives?  Rhetorically, about 20% are true and committed heterosexual relationships….perhaps?

Coincidentally, about 20% of the Committed Homosexual, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual community are fully committed and true to their partners.  These relationships do not include couples going to bath houses together and having multiple partners on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  These are what may be called “serious relationships” that can or do include Civil Unions, State Regulated Marriage and or various Wills, Trusts and Property mergers. We are talking about a bottom line community of less than a million and a half people.  What about heterosexual relationships?  Are their numbers/percentages any different?  Right now 29 to 32 States have passed legislation that says that “Marriage is between One Man and One Woman” and restricted to that.  We will not distort the argument by trying to assess how many heterosexual relationships (in numbers) might be viable.

Why all the “faux der all” about an issue that seemingly affects such a serious minority of the population?  The issues are money, federal and state taxes, acceptability, child rearing and adoption, family trusts and where do all the goods and property go after someone passes away.  Should it be legal to have “a committed partner” have access to a dying partner in the hospital, their health insurance, their Social Securityor their life Insurance without sizeable tax penalties?  In a spirit of humanity, that answer is undoubtedly one in the affirmative.  But why do the purient interests of media or the various church groups in the country sound such an alarming regard for the concept?  Moving back to the the 3 year old suckling the young mom’s breast – will that cause “the boy” to become a homosexual or bi-sexual later in life?    Not necessarily,  but it may cause him some serious social grief when he starts to play soccer or football during his high school or junior high school years – when his classmates find out and bring that special photo to school to show his other classmates. What age should be the limit for a child to stop suckling his mother’s breast – 18?  We are not prepared to make that call….ever!

President Obama and Vice President Biden have assessed the issue of “Same Sex Marriage” as a concept.  They did not pass legislation or tried to issue any Presidential Proclamation.  They offered their support for those million or two very committed same sex relationships that verily take their responsibility and commitment seriously.  They did not in anyway suggest that multi-partner relationships of any kind should be approved for anyone.  The issue is a tough one –  as it crosses relgious, societal barriers and some ethnic prejudices.  Most homosexual, lesbian and bi-sexual folks are generally in their 30’s and are mostly white/caucasion.  The numbers fall greatly as the years go by and age takes over.  The biggest issue at play is how does homosexuality, lesbianism and bi-sexuality play at the Federal level with the IRS.  With 32 States stating that “Marriage – is between One Man and One Woman”, the LGBT society has a choice of States which don’t mind giving takes breaks to Same Sex couples, civil unions or marriages.

Will giving these marriage tax breaks to the LGBT community give tacit approval to the lifestyle?  Depends on which State you are in.  It depends on what educational system you choose for your state.  It will depend on voters to choose what social engineering that Boards of Education across their States allow or suggest.  It depends on what educational programs you have now.  It will depend on whether “State Bullying Laws” are instituted to deal with any possible backlash.  It will greatly depend on the behavior of the entire LGBT community.   Will they stress “committed relationships” with a single partner and will they stress giving to charities unrelated strictly to the LGBT community?  Are they willing to set good examples for their fellow citizens, become very good parents and even more giving members of society?  All minorities need to utilize these tools of acceptance – and it doesn’t take overnight….it takes awhile!

It is now up to the LBGT community to Cross Delancy Street…….forgetting the loud and obnoxious parades, demonstrations and parties celebrating “their world”.  They now have a golden opportunity to become part of the greater community of citizens that can understand the better parts of our society like displaying a great commitment, caring and love for their own……. and others not so disposed.  We are hoping they can do it in spite of the travails that are ahead.  We are hopeful they can “self police” the activities of the few….that can embarrass and demean the greater process of assimulation and acceptance.

We wish them well…in their journey.

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