California’s insurance industry secretly drops $13,641 against Julio – watch for the hit pieces!

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A wall of deniability exists.

I always notice when the name of my pal Julio Pérez, candidate for Assembly District 69, pops up on the Nooner.  And yesterday, I saw that an Independent Expenditure of $13,641 had been reported OPPOSING my man, from some group called Californians Allied For Patient Protection.

Don’t you just love the names of these groups?

So who IS this group of regular Californians, who have come together to form an alliance to somehow Protect Patients, by attacking certain candidates?

Turns out they are one of several Big Insurance front groups, operating Independent Expenditure committees under innocuous-sounding names to spend millions influencing our California political races.  Specifically THIS group is the political action committee of CAPP, which is largely funded by medical malpractice insurance companies and focuses on the state’s malpractice laws.  Says consumer advocate Doug Heller:

“It’s not enough that insurance companies charge us an arm and a leg at every turn. They want more. Insurers are moving millions into California campaigns in order to return many times their investment back into their coffers through preferable legislation and initiative results.”

So the attacks should be coming fast and furious between now and the June 5 primary, some by mail, some by robocalls, some on local TV, and perhaps some more on deceptive push polls.  The thing to remember here is that when you Santa Ana and Anaheim voters see something from Californians Allied for Patient Protection, it’s really from the big insurance companies.

Julio Pérez - Big Insurance don't like him.

What does Big Insurance fear from Julio, and what do they hope to gain from his opponent Tom Daly?  When I called Julio the first thing he did was to laugh at how small-potatoes this particular expenditure is compared to the hundreds of thousands the Chamber of Commerce and “JOBSpac” have poured in to supporting Tom and opposing him – apparently more than in any other Assembly race in the state!  So I’ll be writing another article about that once I receive all the material his folks are sending me.

But regarding insurance:  Julio has always been known as a protector of consumers, and specifically he supports Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones‘ efforts to rein in excessive premium increases;   conversely, Dave is one of Julio’s major backers as well.

Meanwhile Tom Daly is the anointed successor of current termed-out Assemblyman José Solorio, an insurance handmaiden who was crucial in killing Dave Jones’ efforts.

But someone brought up another interesting question:  Why is it that OC Democratic Party chair Frank Barbaro, a TRIAL LAWYER by profession, continues to support Daly so strongly over Pérez, when the forces fighting against his profession – medical malpractice insurance companies – are so clearly in Daly’s camp?  Not that Barbaro wields all that much influence any more, the old figurehead…

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