Dana is disinvited, and it feels so good!

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Dana Rohrabacher is going to be our new Congressman for Newport Beach in 2013.  We love Dana and Rhonda in spite of a heavy variety of slings and arrows that have been cast against that team in the many years back.  Personal choices aside, they are great folks and are never stuck for a position on virtually any subject or policy.  Dana’s famous photo during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, while supplying arms to the Mujahadeen,  Northern Alliance was a classic, outfitted in Afghan garb and leaning on his AK-47.

Dana was a youngster then, bringing home the bacon for his constituents in Huntington Beach and supporting the Space Station and McDonnel-Douglas.  Dana sat on the House Space and Science Committee and was looking to take Bob Dornan’s spot on the Armed Services Committee.  So, Dana being an independent thinker and making certain arrangements with the Reagan-Bush people – Dana went off to Afghanistan.  Was he really CIA?  Was his travel approved by the State Department?  Did he check with the reigning Secretary of State?  Who knows?  Dana went to Afhanistan and went there seemingly often.

Fast forward to yesterday.  Hamid Karzai got his breeches in an uproar when he heard the inimitable Dr. Dana (Special Forces) Rohrabacher was coming back to Afghanistan.  Now you have to understand that Dana just doesn’t hang out in Kabul to talk to the various International Press folks.  Dana wants to go there amongst ’em!  He might go to Kandahar….he might go to the Ubeks border region…he might hang out with Special Forces kids on the Pakistani border where most of the action might be.  No, Dana doesn’t do Club Med Afghanistan.  So Karzai went off the charts, called Obama, called Hillary, called the Pope…probably.  “NO Dana, NOT this time or ever!” came the Karzai call.  Heck, he was even willing to take Rick Santorum, before he would take Rohrabacher.

Well, being “persona non grata” can be actually looked at as good thing sometimes.  Our American military seems to think that even though the Afghans still are growing Heroin Poppies as a major crop, still have the Drug Cartel folks doing the gun and explosive running, even though every major “Hearts and Minds Effort” has failed, even though the corruption of our so-called Foreign Rebuilding Program for Afghanistan has folks that are some ex – NSAID folks ripping off all the money before it gets to the Afghan people – Our military guys still seem to think:  “We are gaining on it!”  The latest troop deployment is set to remain through 2014 and our limited occupation force program is scheduled to last through 2024!  Even though Afghans civilians work in the PX during the day – they work as Taliban by night, setting IED’s!  But how can you fault those that have to work two jobs to support their families?

Back to Dana and Rhonda.  These are salt of the earth types.  They probably watch C-Span, CNN, MSNBC and Dancing with the Stars.  They pay attention to what the media is up to and try to find out what is really going on.  If they weren’t elected types, they would still be doing this kind work – we are more than sure of that.  Dana and Rhonda are not lazy.  Who else would choose to go to Afghanistan rather than take a cruise on an Italian Cruise Ship?  Well, maybe not then.  But there is little doubt that they could be taking a little time off to visit historic Williamsburgh rather than putting their lives at risk in a “shooting zone”.

So, what is going to happen now that Dana has been “Disinvited for a trip to Afghanistan!”?  This is going to be very entertaining and we suggest all those with a modicum of curosity in our political system….watch what happens the next time Dana goes on Bill Maher!

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