Giant Steps in Arab Lands

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Here we go again.  “They’re rioting in Africa….there’s stife in Iran.  What nature doesn’t do to us, will be done by our fellow man!”  This line from an ancient Kingston Trio song seems as relevant today as it was in 1956.  Has the United States always been the poster boy for being hated by the members of the rest of the world?  Remember “The Ugly American” moniker of the 1950’s?  How about the “Yankee Gansters” by the Japanese in the 1930′ and 40’s?  How about the “Evil Imperialist Aggressors” of the 1960’s and 70’s during Vietnam?   Then came the 1980’s, the Reagan years….and came those attacks on our attacks on Libya and Grenada? Even the fall of the Berlin Wall was dismissed as strictly a win by Corporate America over the Soviet Moguls.   All along the way, we have been portrayed as being a nation that was the “Gigantic Apologist for Israel”.  All along the way, we have been blamed for our Corporate Warfare against the Third World.  All along the way, we have been blamed for our Global Military Reach and Interventionalisms!

Many of us never supported US participation or military actions in a variety of different theatre conflicts throughout the years.  Many of us have never  supported  being involved in some of those  areas.  Most times the US has had our designated global surrogates go places we never wanted to  anyway – especially in Africa.  Sometmes we have supported Mercenary Operations Covertly.  Nothing more by the way, than the Soviets had done for years!   Clinton certainly went into a lot a dumb places we should never have gone…including “Blackhawk Down” Somalia, Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro.  We never believed we needed to attack Panama either when “Bush the Elder” went there to take over their drug cartel banks either and take out Manuel Noreiga….to an undisclosed location in Florida!  Then came “Desert Storm” and the inevitable long term war for Iraq.  The follow up in Afghanistan and  now living with the results of both of those trials.

Suffice it to say, the United States has quite a history of missteps Internationally.  Those missteps go way back to and including how we initially dealt with Cuba after Batista and before that with the Phillipines and China after Mau.  We have stuck our noses in enough conflicts and countries that no matter what was the result, there was going to be cause for concern by the International Community, one way or the other.  When George and Laura took over in 2000 and suggested a two state solution for the Palestinian-Israeli mess, the first thing the Israelis did was to invade and construct 1000’s of settlements in the designated Palestinian tiny land mass.  So much for trying to find an equitable solution. Now, the Israelis are even more intransigent.  Meanwhile, we were quite busy with the Iraq war as well as observing an emerging over-leveraged Banking crisis and the tremendous use of military waste to keep our flagging economy going.

Today, as our forces are drawing down in Afghanistan, some great mind – burnt a bunch of Korans and worse yet; let everyone in the world know it!  It would be much like having a group of Muslims burn a 1000 Bibles on the front lawn of a Baptist Church in Alabama!  Bad form folks!  Meanwhile, the so-called “Arab Spring” caused by (some say) Facebook has caused the fall of Egypt, Libya…….soon Yemen and Syria.   Meanwhile Iran is busy building their “Nukes for Peace” program intended to intimidate Israel and profligate that program to their many pals and neighbors.   Does the word “Destabilized” come to mind?

Meanwhile, we still have issues with North Korea, issues with our Asian partners while trying to make friends with places like Burma.  How is our Peace process going in Kashmir and how are we brokering an India-Pakistan long term resolution?  Does this all just go back to religion?  Muslim vs. Buddist vs. Hinduism vs. Sikhism vs. Judism vs. Christian?  Where do the Viking Gods and Druids fit into this mess?

First off, letting the Afghans use the Koran book burning as an excuse to rid themselves of NATO and US Troops in Afghanistan is unacceptable.   In the words of Butch and Sundance:  “Ask us to stick around!”  “Come on….you can do it…just ask us to stick around!”  If the Afghan police cannot control these protesters, well – somebody better start.  If we need to bring back 10,000 troops for security…..let them know that is a very good possibility unless they control this situation – right now!

Secondly, the U.S. needs to demand at the Security Council that UN Nuclear Inspectors be allowed into Iran immediately.  We might remind Iran that a very similar situation occurred with Saddam Hussein and Iraq a few years back – with some not such good results for that administration.

Thirdly, we need to send North Korea as much food as they need.  We need to lead the charge by the World Community to help feed the starving North Koreans.  With a new leader in place….this could well be a one time chance to create positive vibes in the Far East that does not include our immediate Corporate takeover of anyone.

Fourth, we need to create an International Commission on Israeli-Palestinian Peace.  This Commission should include three folks from the U.S. and the European Community and three folks from Middle East nations willing to be impartial.  The last time this happened many of these folks got assassinated unexpectedly.  This time we need levels and surrogates.  The Commission itself…need not leave their own countries but communicate by virtual networks.

Fifth, once Afghanistan can exist in some semblance of security for six months…..we need to withdraw and leave a modest security force, observation and attack drones and a willingness to return if things fall into disarray anytime in the future!

Sixth, the “Syrian Spring” is toddering and cannot be sustained over a protracted period.  International oversight and energy is required here.  Get those new NATO folks involved in the process.  Too many folks are dying not to do something.

Geo-Political thought is purely “Guess Work” at best.  All the major pundits and experts in the field, want us folks here in the hinterland to believe that these issues are far too complex for us to understand.  These are the very same folks that want us to believe that the Investment Banking process is and was too complicated and too big to fail,  for the untrained and uneducated mind to understand.  Credit Default Swaps ….. Hedge Funds….Derivatives….yes…..we get those now – pure baloney!  Dealing with people in the International Community requires caring, understanding their issues, their backgrounds and their realties.  This is called basic EMPATHY!  The truth is that the strong need and should assist the weak.  The truth is that if we continue to allow Global Corporations to rape, pillage and plunder whatever country they to go to……the world will not be a safe place for any of us.  Assisting those folks in Syria to overthrow Assad….is a crap shoot.  It could turn out well or very badly.  Taking out the Iranian Nuclear program without all due diligence would be stupid.  This should be  a Global Community decision….not a unilateral American one.

So, in the words of Taj Mahal…….”It’s a time to take a giant step….outside your mind!”

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