Guide to California Republicans on how to ‘Play to Win’

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Tired of the Republican Party revolution not touching California? Tired of Democratic Party dominance? Well have no fear; I come up with some solutions in how the California Republican Party can have resurgence for 2012 and beyond.

2010 was not a good year; we got completely shut out in the state legislative offices, did not beat Boxer and lost a state assembly seat due to nominating the Prop 8 author. How can we make 2012 better for the California Republican Party? Here are my ideas.

First, revamp the platform this February. Charles Munger may have led the seeds towards a new party document, but the base of the party does not want us to tamper with it because they will not be as motivated to drag the party down with unelectable candidates that have lost year after year. Even though the average voter does not read political party platforms, the news media does use our platform as an albatross to demonstrate how we are out of touch with the body politic.

We do not need a platform that is vague and opaque, but we need to reach out to two demographic groups that the California Republican Party previously waged war on, Latinos and the gays. Throwing raw meat on the balcony may be helpful to get the base to vote, but our base is shrinking rapidly due to demographic change and Democratic Party politicians forcing job creators out of our state depriving us of the money for the public services we value.

Second, if we want to get our ideas and vision passed in California we need to provide for personal AND economic liberty. If we only stand for economic liberty people are still going to vote for the Democratic Party. President Obama is not the only statist around us; you can count on many Republicans who would want to make sure you go to jail for life for smoking a joint of weed or depriving two same sex people from getting married.

Many young people who supported President Obama were bamboozled on the ideas of hope and change and are recognizing that politicians like Ron Paul are the future of the Republican Party. In states such as New Hampshire and Iowa, young people under 30 voted for Ron 46 percent and 48 percent respectively. If we want to start a revolution, working with the youth is one way to go at it. Young people are looking for candidates who will protect our liberties from an overreaching TSA, legislation that will cripple the internet and make it as poor like China with SOPA and pulling our troops from Afghanistan.

Third, we need to be welcoming of people who seek our nation for opportunity. Draconian immigration laws will backfire as shown in Alabama and Georgia where agriculture is falling apart due to the lack of labor from outside our nation. If you came through our borders illegally I would require extra time in a guest worker program, if you are a ‘Dreamer’ I would require participation in the AmeriCorps program or some comparable program in order to get a work permit or be reinstated for the citizenship process.  However if you apply properly outside our nation for the guest worker program you would not need as many years to get a green card. Successful seasons as a guest worker would qualify an immigrant for the green card.  This may not be a state issue, but our candidates for congress and the US Senate could advocate for sensible ideas. This guest worker program would be for the people who do not have money nor a job skill that would allow for a fast track to immigration.

Lastly, learn from Scott Walker and Rick Snyder in what NOT to do when you get power.  There is a reason why Republicans do not have power in California. Even though labor unions have the state legislators by the grasp of their necks we have to argue the big picture on why we need reform that Governor Brown and his Democratic Party legislators will fail to provide and instead run the clock. Explain that public pensions are sadly an unaffordable luxury which is causing many cities to spend a sizable portion of their budgets to pay for these obligations. Private industry phased out pensions, and public sector could do the same. Of course I do not want our public sector retirees to eat dog food, but they should be given at least 1.5 times they would typically would get from Social Security at least since some public sector jobs are ineligible for social security.

My guide in how to “play to win” is simple. Inclusive party that welcomes Latinos and LGBT people, advocate for personal liberty and learn from the mistakes of blue state Republicans so we can have a lasting legacy.

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