Unprecedented CA DOJ Cuts Impact Public Safety & Endanger Californians!

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Crime Scene bodyThe State of California will put a price tag on public safety by firing CA Department of Justice Special Agents responsible for solving some of the worst crimes.

Is Anybody ready to volunteer themselves or their family to be a Murder Victim, or a victim of other violent crimes?   NO?

Then please write the Governor, the Senate President Pro Tem, and the Assembly Speaker, and your local representatives.

(updated December 1, 2011)


Governor Brown has proposed the  elimination of $71 million in general funding over the next two fiscal years from the Attorney General’s Division of Law Enforcement (DLE).

  • This funding cut will also cause the loss of millions in additional federal funding received by DLE.  Together, these losses significantly undermine the core responsibility to protect public safety.
  • DLE protects Californians and minimizes the tremendous human cost of crime victimization, and also provides this protection at a very cost-effective manner with the financial benefits of stopping or reducing crime far exceeding the costs of these invaluable law enforcement services.
  • This department pays for itself several times over.
  • Agents with up to 10-12 yrs experience are being cut.  Later on when the economy improves it will be more costly to retrain new and less qualified special agents, and ongoing investigations will have been compromised.
  • This is a short-sighted drastic measure that will have negative consequences and will endanger all us.

1)  VETO and RESTORE:  The Governor and the CA Legislature should  restore this funding; or

2)  RECTIFY:  If the Governor and CA Legislature fail to restore funding, then at a minimum they should work to UNALLOCATE these cuts so that Attorney General Harris can use her best professional judgment as to how to best spread and absorb these cuts throughout the CA Justice Department.  In essence by forcing the AG to cut from only one division, rather than allowing the AG to absorb the costs throughout her other divisions, the Governor’s ALLOCATED budget cut is decimating one of the most important divisions by about 50%, and thus putting Californians needlessly in great danger.

Furthermore, many of these DLE special agents are USA military veterans who have been deployed to fight in America’s wars, and as they return from their combat duties and attempt to adjust and reintegrate to civilian life, these cuts will ensure that they have no job to return to, thus putting their successful reintegration at risk.



Back in June 2009, State budget negotiators had proposed cutting $20 million from the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, on top of $12 million in previous cuts from the bureau.

Then Attorney General Jerry Brown, who oversaw the narcotics bureau, said the cuts would lead to layoffs for nearly a third of its 187 agents:  According to former AG Brown, “It’s a terrible budgetary decision. The Bureau of Narcotics enforcement has some of the best-trained agents in the world that are going after drug cartels, that are providing assistance to local law enforcement agencies…Without the bureau’s help, the local agencies will be outmanned and outgunned.  The agency, part of the California Department of Justice, works under the radar with plainclothes agents operating in a dangerous underworld.”

NOW:    As Governor he is now proposing $71 Million in cuts (more than 250% increase from the cuts he was originally opposed to) that will lay-off more than 200 Special Agents, and at the same time jeopardizing ongoing investigations and public safety.

DLE is a statewide law enforcement agency and yet to sustain itself after some of the cuts, DLE has already closed offices in Orange County, Sacramento, San Jose, and Redding.

CLICK HERE:  San Diego Sheriff weighs in on severe impact from expected cuts.




Established in 1927, BNE is the oldest narcotic enforcement bureau in the United States.  BNE programs target major drug dealers, violent career criminals, clandestine drug manufacturers and violators of prescription drug laws.  BNE operates and manages a variety of programs in its role as the statewide agency involved in enforcing state and federal drug laws and apprehending violent criminals who use illegal weapons in the commission of crimes.

  • 55 Multi-jurisdictional Task Forces: These task forces combat transnational criminal gangs (which local agencies have limited resources for), firearms and narcotics trafficking and major crimes throughout the State of California;
  • The Gang Enforcement and Suppression Program (GSEP): This program was championed by Governor Brown as Attorney General, and has been immensely successful in targeting the leadership of criminal gangs, and has obtained substantial federal support;
  • The Clandestine Laboratory and Enforcement Program: DLE is the only entity in the State that investigates, and trains local law enforcement agencies in how to conduct criminal law enforcement in the toxic environment of a clandestine drug laboratory (i.e. methamphetamines, and other hardcore synthetic drugs).
  • CURES: This program, was also championed by Governor Brown as Attorney General, monitoring prescription drug transactions, and is an important tool in identifying criminal diversion of prescription drugs (i.e. Oxycontin; Vicodin, etc).


BII provides critical support and expertise to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies with complex multi-jurisdictional investigations involving terrorist threats, high-tech crimes, familial DNA, intelligence sharing, environmental and recycling fraud in addition to the following:

  • Major Crimes Teams: Support local investigations involving homicides, sexual assaults, child kidnappings, cold case homicides, public corruption, and officer involved shootings.
  • Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force (SAFE): Specialize in missing children and specialized sexual assault investigations, child pornography and exploitation cases, and monitoring of sexual offenders and sexual violent predators.
  • Foreign Prosecutions and Law Enforcement Unit (FPLEU): Mexican Liaison to state and local agencies throughout California and Mexico, parental child abductions, missing persons, foreign prosecutions of rape and homicide suspects, and locates fugitives on both sides of the border.

[A special mention on this FPLE Unit:  On October 28, 2011 a friend of mine, from a well-know family here in OC, was the victim of violent crime by two police officers in a city north of Mexico City.  The family tried obtaining the assistance of the local American Consular officer in this city north of Mexico to no avail.   A CA DOJ Special Agent contact of mine, arranged for the Mexican Attorney General (Procuraduria General de la Republica) liaison officer in San Diego to put us in contact with their counterpart in Mexico.  Due to the sensitive nature of the crime and the perpetrators involved they assigned a Specialized Mexican team (two female investigative attorneys, a female therapist, a female medical officer, and two armed Mexican Special Agents to provide protection to my friend.  They all checked on her over several days.  I flew down to north of Mexico City to accompany my friend back.  I got to meet the team and personally thanked them for their professionalism and concern.  They offered to provide the armed escort to the airport, with the whole team to accompany us, if we felt it necessary.  We declined.  This measure of coordination was only possible because of the trusted relationship built over the years by the close working relationship of these CA DOJ Specialized Agents and the special Mexican AG unit.

Additionally, my contact friend, a former US Marine and CA ANG Chief Warrant Officer, at BII/CA DOJ was working on coordinating our Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation efforts with personnel within CA DOJ.]

  • Other Specialized Units within DLE (to name a few):
    • the Safe Streets Initiative:
    • California’s Drug Endangered Children program.
    • The Mortgage Fraud Strike Force: This newly-established program is intended to address the mortgage fraud crisis by pursuing criminal prosecutions against wrongdoers, and enhanced civil enforcement to obtain relief for wronged citizens.                                                                   [UPDATE - I UNDERSTAND THIS PROGRAM WILL BE KEPT - FJB 12/1/2011]


PLEASE WRITE and use the THREE DRAFT templates and Ask for an Emergency Session in December to Veto and Restore the Cuts, or Rectify the Allocation to Unallocation:



PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR LETTER TO: John Perez Assembly Speaker



CLICK Here for Video – on CA DOJ.

Click here for Video – on Brent King reaction to DOJ cuts.


SUPPORT CA DOJ Special Agents:

Let’s help these Special Agents, and unsung heroes, who put their lives on the line for us, and who pay for themselves many times over by their high-performance…We will help keep our families and our community, and other Californians safe!!!

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