California Republicans Lose Another One (Maybe)

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Amidst all the occupy posts one might think nothing else is happening in the world of politics. Not true. Read on.

In 2008 the California voters, tired of our State Legislature’s gerrymandered districts that were orchestrated to make each district skewed either Republican or Democrat, voted for Proposition 208. This Proposition stripped the State Legislature of the authority to draw the legislative district boundaries and instead created a California Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw the district boundaries. The theory being that such a Commission would lack any kind of partisan agenda, and in following the mandate of Proposition 208 would draw district boundaries that were more cohesive and made more sense.

The Commission produced a redistricting map for California earlier this year. Republican groups immediately decided the new boundaries would benefit Democrats, and filed suit. On October 26 the California Supreme Court rejected those suits. So, it appears the Republicans have lost another battle.

But wait – the Sacramento Bee newspaper reported on Thursday that a coalition “largely backed b the Republican Party” has launched a signature gathering effort to qualify a Referendum for the November, 2012 ballot. Concurrently, it is expected that Republican interests will seek a court ruling that the new district boundaries should not be implemented until the voters decide the issue in that November, 2012 election.

You thought the voters decided this in 2008? Well, maybe yes. And maybe no.

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