Wile E. Coyote is alive and well in Laguna Woods!

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The City Council of Laguna Woods needs to turn its Red Light Cameras on backyards and parks so they can control their Coyote problem.  These folks definitely need the County to help them.  Where is the great outsource rush in Laguna Woods?  Shouldn’t they be contracting with the County of Orange to dispense with their current Coyote infestation?  What will happen when the crows attempt to takeover those lovely greens and fairways?  How about those attack blackbirds that dive down and whack people on the top of their heads when folks get close to their nests?

Laguna Woods is so far behind the times….they have to pass or overturn a gun ordinance so that Animal Control or Outsourced California Licensed and Approved Wildlife Management Companies can shoot Coyotes within their City Limits.  Thank goodness they already have control over fireworks, explosives, toxic or hazardous spills and drunks in public!  Well, who knows for sure with the present group of great minds flummoxed by Wile E. Coyote and Family.  The rumors are that a mom, dad and two pups are still at large in Laguna Woods!

Meanwhile, Laguna Woods needs to get rid of those Red Light Cameras, unless of course they will be using them for watching squirrels, bunnies, small dogs and of course for Coyote surveillance!  Meanwhile, they better have another lunch to talk the whole thing over – as locals slowly watch their small animals disappear every night!   Where is the Roadrunner when we need him?


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