Newport Beach…..just the 29th “worst-dressed city” in America!

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How is it possible that people or magazines are allowed to make blanket judgments about others?  Mr. Blackwell was famous for pointing out the worst dressed Hollywood Stars.  Every year he would point his boney figure at this star or that with huge ramifications for careers and fan attitudes.  Then came more lists of famous people’s mug shots.  Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson and Britney Spears…..all have taken the proverbial Papparazzi Gas!  It seems that virtually any list seems to be popular with the citizenry.

Today GQ Magazine came out with their list of the 40 Worst Dressed Cities in the United States:

The Pittsburgh photo was especially offensive.  It is interesting to note that usually:  Mission Viejo is well known for being one of the safest cities in America, every year!  We could easily point out the wide variety of terrible crimes that Mission Viejo has been party to…..but they still keep getting those Safe Ratings by somebody!  Who is there Public Relations Group that is able to maintain that rating – year after year?

Well, Newport Beach was reported to be the #1 Worst Dressed City with Los Angeles right up there behind in the #2 spot on the Channel 4 local news this morning.  Upon closer examination;  Newport Beach was actually rated 29th by GQ…..not #1.

We really need a list of the dumbest cities in America.  How about starting with Bell, California or anywhere that spends the people’s money without any accountability?  So Congratulations Newport Beach…..number 29 out of 40!  We have no where to go but down!

Can’t wait for the GQ list to come out next year 2012 and see where Mission Viejo lands in that worst dressed catagory!

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