Grow Vegetables in Your Front Yard — Go to Jail!

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(Excerpted with permission from Eddie’s Corner, the blog of Eddie Rose, at

I never cease to be amazed at the extent to which certain city “fathers” (or maybe it should be city “fuhrers”) will go in order to impose their perverted sense of Political Correctness (PC) upon us.

Now comes a story out of Oak Park, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit), where city “leaders” have decided to prosecute a woman for having the audacity to plant vegetables in her front yard!

First the woman was given a written warning by the city’s code “enforcers”.  Then came a citation.  Next was a a misdemeanor charge that could put her in jail for 90 days!

Apparently, the city of Oak Park, in its twisted “logic”, thinks only grass, and n0n-fruit and non-vegetable bearing plants, bushes, and trees are “suitable” for front yards.  Sounds like something right out of a Homeowner Association (HOA) manual or a Karl Marx manifesto!

Just think.  In the same week when a psychotic young woman who murdered her two-year old daughter in Florida was given a “get-out-of-jail card”  by an incompetent jury, another woman could go to jail for growing vegetables in her front yard!

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