Dale Tyler – Fool, Not Court Jester

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Every City needs someone to provide a little humor, to take on the roll of Court Jester.  Here at the OJ Blog we have Anonster to bring a little light hearted nonsense to our daily routine.  Unfortunately in Mission Viejo we have the King Clown Dale Tyler who is more the fool than the Jester.

If you remember, Dale was the “Good Government” candidate for Mission Viejo City Council who was caught violating a number of California laws during his election.  First, Mr. Tyler failed to get his campaign disclosure statements in on time.  After finally turning the disclosure statements in late, Mr. Tyler couldn’t get that pesky paperwork right failing to correctly identify the residency of the donors.  Then in a really fun twist, it was discovered that 20 year California resident Tyler had failed to register his cars in California (the law requires that this happen within 20 days which is significantly less than the 20 years taken by Mr. Tyler) and worse, he hadn’t bothered to get a California driver’s license and still held a license from Indiana more than 20 years after moving to California.  When caught with his hand in the cookie jar Mr. Tyler finally moved to correct these illegal acts.  It was unclear whether Mr. Tyler had been embarrassed to say that he was from California or was simply trying to avoid the higher fees associated with California registration.  Needless to say, Mr. Tyler was pounded into oblivion in the ensuing election by a DEMOCRAT in largely Republican Mission Viejo.

Instead of skulking back to the hole in the ground that had birthed him, Mr. Tyler launched his own blog (no need to give a link here, if one of you clicked on it Mr. Tyler’s readership would double).  In that blog, Mr. Tyler opposes . . . everything.  According to Mr. Tyler, the sole purpose of government is to keep roads well paved.  In a sad twist of politics, Mr. Tyler has gained a stranglehold on the local Republican caucus, the Saddleback CRA.  Under his “leadership” the Saddleback CRA has systematically rejected any membership that challenges Mr. Tyler’s warped and twisted philosophies.  Mr. Tyler also uses his blog to launch silly and factually incorrect attacks on everyone not within his tight circle of mental deficients.

What makes this all so sad is that Mr. Tyler’s role in local politics sickens the ordinary citizen tired of political games who wants to work to rebuild the strength of the Republican Party.  The only way that Mr. Tyler and his nearly socially blind group of misfits know how to function is through political gamesmanship and dirty tricks – the very things that are turning ordinary citizens against the poltical system today.  Were it not for his stranglehold on local politics, Mr. Tyler would be just another fool ranting in a blog read only by his cousin’s sister.  Unfortunately this Fool has figured out a way to keep out the rational minded Republican from participation in South Orange County politics.

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