Another Public Sector Myth: Are Gov’t Employees insulated from harsh economic realities?

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Myth:  “Government Employees are insulated from the reality of the current recession and accompanying job losses.”


Fact: There is no insulation. The Orange County Register reported on May 29, 2011 that in California 100,000 state, federal and local government jobs have been eliminated since 2008 and that over the last year the loss of government jobs has been the biggest drag on California’s job recovery.

On May 23, 2011 Reuters reported that 300,000 government jobs were eliminated in the U.S. the last year, and that another 400,000 could disappear in 2012. In addition California and many local government agencies, including school districts, have implemented pay reductions through such techniques as mandatory furloughs and negotiated salary reductions. It is increasingly common to see state and local government agencies requiring their workforce to contribute more of their pay to the cost of their health insurance and retirement funds, further reducing take home pay.

So, government employees are feeling the pain of the recession too – from now being unemployed to forced salary and benefit cuts.

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A retired Orange County employee, and moderate Republican. The editor seriously does not know OBNO's identity as did not the former editor, but his point of view is obviously interesting and valued.