State Referendum filed to Repeal AB 27x (Redevelopment Pay-to-Play)

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Earlier today, Marko Mlikotin, president, California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights, CAPPPR, filed a referundum with the attorney General to repeal AB27x, the legislation that allows redevelopment agencies to remain active if they pay into the state’s general fund. This is the same bill being challenged by the League of Cities and the CRA.
The proposed Initiative, requesting “title and summary” for a proposed statewide Referundum, was received by the Attorney Generals office this afternoon and has been assigned number 11 0025.

As a Director of CAPPPR I agree with our president and feel that governor Brown, State Controller John Chiang and State Treasurer Bill Lockyer are each correct in recognizing the abuses of redevelopment agencies across our state. These bodies are stealing much needed funds from K-14 classrooms and public safety. Many of these 425 agencies shift tax increment dollars to “special interest” developers who lobby local elected officials with grandious plans to bring major anchor stores and sports complex’s to their city for bragging rights. At a February budget Hearing State Treasurer Bill Lockyer said he is in support of Brown’s proposal and called redevelopment agencies “vampire agencies sucking blood from everyone around them.”

Our Referendum sends a message to Sacramento that we intend to continue our efforts to STOP Eminent Domain Abuse.
For information on CAPPPR, redevelopment and eminent abuse, visit our web sites.

Larry Gilbert, Director, CAPPPR

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