If there was no Reggie Bush…the NCAA would invent him!

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Taking a look at the state of college athletics is like looking into a whirlpool filled with used plastic garbage bags!  The situation has become an endemic nightmare litered with the bodies of Jim Tressel, the Universities of Florida, Ohio State, USC, Auburn University and too many others to mention.  The NCAA has become so corrupt that its value as an organizing functionary has become worthless.  This all didn’t happen in vacuum.  The corruption, lies and double dealing has been going on for years.  It would be all too easy to just blame various superfans with auto agencies giving out new cars to college players.  That kind of simple answer to various complex questions doesn’t quite tell the tale.  Sports Agents are in the business of representing players, some from the time those kids are 10 years old.  So, what do you expect at the college level….duh!  The colleges give out real scholarships and of course scholarships and jobs that nobody knows about publicly…..duh!  The NCAA didn’t know any of this?  Who is kidding who?

Right now, Reggie Bush is being pushed as the college Anti-Christ.  National Championships, MVP Awards, the Heisman and too many other awards are being stripped from the New Orleans Running Back and USC faster than greased lightning.  The piling on continues by the NCAA, as it now is even going after the new coach of the Trojans, Lane Kiffin for his various possible improprieties at the Tennessee Volunteers.  None of these things has ever happened anywhere else ….right?  This is all a big surprise….surprise….says the NCAA.

The time has probably come to do away with the NCAA and get into the 21st Century.  The NCAA has been messing with people since the days of Jim Thorpe,  small men that were upset that athletic competition and outcomes couldn’t be controlled to the last detail.  Rule changes, inappropriate conduct, indiscriminate thrashing of reputations and attitudes, selective enforcement of the rules or no enforcement at all.  Every institution can have feet of clay, but the NCAA is currently waving its flag in every direction.  Time for a new sheriff in town.  Forget the dumb BCS (Bowl Championship Series) which is based on some bogus computer program designed by the same NCAA corruption that is now throwing its weight around now.  This is the same NCAA that allows glow in the dark highlighter socks for Oregon…weird designs for TCU Horn Frogs helmets and uniforms…..when neither are the college colors of the schools.

The NCAA has lost it.  They need to go away.  It is time for each college to negotiate its own television contracts.  It is time that the big schools create their own super league.  These top 30 schools would be the only ones that can go the the National Championship Game.  The concept of Division 1 or Division 2 doesn’t bring into the picture fan support or the television popularity.  SEC, ACC, PAC 10, BIG 10 ad infinitum……….is an unsustainable stucture.  As can be seen by the major reshuffling of the various associations.  Who approves these things?  If the NCAA is doing that job…..they are doing a very bad job of it.

Stripping Universities of their various awards…requires a moritorium aspect.  If you can’t catch something within three years of it happening…..too bad….all those awards should stand.  Unless the player, coach or University is caught doing an illegal act; gambling, theft, moral turpitude to include rape or sex with a minor, prosecution for any felony – there should be no penalty to the University.  Individual players could be not only sanctioned but banned forever for doing any type of substance abuse.  Any awards already made in the past, would stand.

Right now, the wheels are falling off the NCAA.  There is every chance that the NCAA could indeed be the main reason for the demise of college sports.  The rules of conduct need to be clear, the penalties need to be clear for each offense and the indiscriminate use of penalties going back over three years…..needs to stop forever.

ESPN Sports……here are the first 10 schools they need to negotiate 10 year contracts with:

 Ohio State, LSU, Florida, University of Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Stanford, CAL and Wisconsin

Even if each team only played every other team under contract……..the viewing numbers would be astronomical.  Keeping traditional rivalries would be up each school under contract.  If Michigan for example refused to play Ohio State….fine.  If Oregon refused to play USC..fine.  No harm no foul.

ESPN could then negotiate the televison contracts with next 10 schools, then the next, then the next.  Creating a new Collegiate Athletic Conference with new rules and new enforcement officials would place this organization into the fray without all the warts and phony rule meandering and enforcement of the current NCAA.  Sadly, Reggie Bush may be the reason why the NCAA will ultimately fail and go out of existence.  The NCAA has made so many bad choices that they have done it to themselves.  They are going to blame Reggie Bush or someone else….but guess what fellas…..your own stupidity did it…not any single player or coach or University.

Hey, maybe if there was no Reggie Bush…..you would have invented him!

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