CRA Election Manipulation Suit Moves to Arbitration

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Following a surreal CRA convention in which factions squared off with petty moves that included holding proper delegates out of the convention until their credentials were “vetted,” a number of folks opposing the antics brought suit asking the CRA to follow its own rules.  When it became apparent that the CRA was about to lose the case, they brought a motion to have the matter sent to arbitration.  The CRA motion was approved by the superior Court on Friday.  The result of this purely procedural motion will be to remove the matter from the court system and into the alternative dispute arena.

This dispute arose when a faction of the CRA attempted to impose a “residency” requirement for delegates attending the convention.  If you are from a geographic region run by someone like the buffoon Dale Tyler at the Saddleback Republican Assembly, you are allowed to go to a neighboring geographic region under CRA Bylaws.  This “residency” requirement was struck down by a Superior Court Judge that found that the bylaws had no such requirement.  Attempting to end run the Court Order, a faction of the CRA then took the unprecedented action of closing the general session to all but “approved” delegates, preventing any admission of the general public.  In addition, this faction then subjected many delegates opposing the faction to a “vetting” process that prevented properly seated delegates from participating in the convention for hours while they sat around outside the hall waiting to be “vetted.”

Ironically, after creating this mess, many involved with the tomfoolery that made the convention an embarrassment are now asking for those that prevailed on the earlier motion to “let this matter end.”  According to CRA President Celeste Greig:

We now call upon the Plaintiffs to drop this matter in its entirety and let us all prepare to elect a new President of the United States in 2012, elect and re-elect Conservative Republican candidates, increase our voter registration and continue the Reagan Revolution. Congratulations go to CRA’s legal team for preparing and arguing to the Court the successful motion.

While I agree completely with her sentiment that the party should work together for a common cause, I find it ironic that this call for cooperation comes AFTER the abuse of process that went on before and during the convention.  I also find it funny to congratulate your legal team for what is a completely non-substantive purely procedural “win” whose main purpose was to remove the case from the Judge that found the “residency” requirement to be illegal.  I will continue to follow this matter and would hope that the CRA will stop the ridiculous internal fighting that has rendered the party virtually irrelevant in today’s California politics.

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