OC GOP Censures Davenport

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The executive committee of the Orange County GOP voted 12-2 today to censure Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the Central Committee, for her transmission of a doctored photo showing a baby Obama held in the arms of two chimps.  The vote to censure was the strongest action that could have been taken by the County GOP under its current bylaws and rules.

The vote to censure was based upon rules that prohibits members of the Central Committee from taking actions “that intentionally causes embarrassment to the party.”  “Her actions resulted in three days of intense negative media and public scrutiny,” commented current OC GOP Pary Chairman Scott Baugh.  “She was censured because she knew the email she was sending out was controversial,” Baugh said after this morning’s vote. “After it went out, she downplayed it as a joke. Instead of owning up to her error, she immediately sought to blame others.”

Interestingly, Tim Whitacre, another Central Committee member, criticized the vote to censure vote and dismissed it as “inconsequential.”  Whitacre apparently was willing to defend the transmission of the cartoon despite its obvious racist message.  Whitacre remarked that the vote was more about his political rival Scott Baugh’s desire to extract punishment rather than a real effort to properly use County GOP guidelines.  What I found most interesting about Whitacre’s comments is that he seemed to refuse to deal with the real issue – was Davenport’s email racist, offensive and detrimental to the party – and instead tried to sidestep the issue and use the opportunity to attack Scott Baugh.  Whitacre’s actions are poorly thought out and reflective of many in politics who would rather side step than take responsibility.

To date Davenport has refused to step down from her office despite the calls from many including Scott Baugh for her resignation.

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