Jeb Bush and George Allen…the Republican Choice!

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Macaca aside ……the Republicans are in big trouble.  The state of the Republican National Committee is in such a mess that even Michelle Bachmann is out buying Snow Shoes at the Great Summer Sale in Minnesota.  Mitch Daniels is out, Chris Christy is a fatso, Newt Gingrich is a lying serial jewelry consumer with a $500,000 dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s of New York, Mike Huckabee is staying on TV and getting closer to God every day, Donald Trump is staying on Celebrity Apprentice and making more money every day, Glen Beck is making huge residual money for his 4000 shows he has already done, John Huntsman is busy trying to find deals at great gun stores in Utah, perennial NY loser Rick Santorum is having coffee in Brooklyn, Sarah Palin is busy developing a business plan for Crystal and a chain of national jaw reconstruction services, Mitt Romney studying old Barack Obama speeches on Health Care and of course,  along  with the all the rest of the unnamed field that have fallen out – a list that does seem endless.

Let’s get serious, the only viable Republican candidates left for President in 2012 are:  ex-senators Bill Frist and George Allen, young boy Mark Rubio, Rudy Guiliani and Jeb Bush!  Yes, friends and neighbors Jeb Bush!  So, if we extrapolate the possibilities let’s take a good luck at the possible combos:  How about Jeb Bush and Marko Rubio?  This is definitely the most attractive pairing; but who is going to buy two candidates from Florida?  OK, How about Rudy Guiliani and Bill Frist?  Another fairly good pairing but hardly capable of beating Obama-Biden this point.  No, truly the only plausible paring for the Republicans boils down to just two names for 2012:  Bush-Allen.  Bush will grab all those moderate Republicans and Allen will certainly be a big hit with the Tea Party folks.

The realities are pretty tough for Republicans in 2012.  President Obama is kicking butt and taking names.  The Obama-Biden ticket has turned in a very good record when you consider he has had literally “zero support or compromise” with the Republican controlled Congress.  Let’s take a look at a couple of things that President Obama has done…that would be hard for Republicans to even contemplate:  (1)  Having Navy Seals take out Somali pirates and save a sea captain out in the middle of nowhere.  That was Obama’s call.  (2)  Have Navy Seals take out Osama Bin Laden behind the borders of Pakistan without any help and thusly set the rules of engagement for world terrorists everywhere.  That was Obama’s call.  (3) Calling out Israel on their use of “Settlements with impunity” in the take-0ver of Palastinian land.  Telling the Israeli’s that they need to compromise, trade and negotiate all current Settlements and any future ones as well.  That was Obama’s call as well. (4) Unemployment is just starting to go down.  That was Obama’s call with a Global Economy that is  falling like a house of cards, i.e., Portugal, Greece and Ireland for example.  That was Obama’s call too. (5) President Obama is also still trying to get greater taxes out of Big Oil, Global Corporations and our idle rich.  That too is an Obama call.

Oh to be sure there are plenty of  negatives for the President:  Dealing with ObamaCare, Saving Medicaid and dealing with the Debt Ceiling and hoping to secure a viable Social Security – and of course the biggie:  Energy.   Having said all that; even if the Republicans could get in for 2012….those issues will still be on the table with few answers that make much sense.

No, friends and neighbors…..the re-election for the President looks fairly positive at this time.  Things change of course and we can never be sure of a future when it comes to a Global Economic System that maybe not sustainable.  The so-called “Arab Spring” could bring more harm than good.  The answer to the Israeli-Palastinian quesiton should include:  A viable Two State solution or Total Unification effort?  Perhaps it will just be better for Israel to take-over the entire Palastinian land and then give the Palastinians a voice in the Kinessit…..lots of voices.  Give the Palastinians the same HealthCare, Social Programs and then unilaterally disarm the entire populace.  Don’t know if they would like that option….but unless they are going to compromise on the Two State Solution…there is little left to do.  What is Israel doing on the “Arab Spring” issue?  They better have their act together.  The reality on the ground has changed….right?

OK, Jeb Bush and George Allen….step up to the plate and represent!  Look at it this way;  If you fail in 2012……you just might make it in 2016!  In the meantime, the beat goes on!

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