Terror Warrior or Demagogue Punk?

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By Grover Cleveland

Ed Royce, in his dreams.

Update: the video has been removed from use by youtube due to copyright claims by author George Collins. I do not know who George Collins is, nor why he would make this unavailable. That might be just as interesting a story as the post.  Maybe I can find the clip on Rutube.

It’s time to share a video that’s gotten quite a bit of attention lately. Apparently some Islamic organization or other put on a benefit in Yorba Linda to raise funds for women’s shelters, hungry people, and dirty bombs.

Oops! No, the dirty bomb part didn’t make it into the press release, but you wouldn’t know it by the reaction of the spittle-fleck mob of know-nothings and uber-patriots who showed up to shower abuse on little kids with epithets against their heritage and their religion. Of course the real reason we are sharing this is that our own congresscreature, Ed Royce, was at the event to lend legitimacy to the goings on and help whip up the rubes.

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