Gov. Brown Bill to kill any last minute redevelopment projects

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I fully support Governor Brown’s plan to shut down the recent flurry of redevelopment project activity.

He should begin with CRA/LA in the city of Los Angeles where they conducted a special meeting to bury $930 Million dollars if redevelopment agencies are shut down.

The San Francisco Chronicle report link follows this edited version:

Looks like Gov. Jerry Brown’s office has a contingency plan for all those cities around California that have been rushing to approve redevelopment money before the state can kill the program. (Eliminating redevelopment is a key part of Brown’s plan to solve the state’s $26 billion budget deficit.)

Included in a bill proposed by Brown’s office that would eliminate redevelopment is language which would let the state “review the validity of the adoption or amendment of a redevelopment plan at any time within three years after the date of the adoption of the ordinance adopting or amending the plan, if the adoption of the ordinance occurred after January 1, 2011.”

Redevelopment is one of the most controversial elements of the governor’s budget proposal. Another interesting twist to the whole debate came during today’s first conference committee meeting between the Assembly and Senate. Officials from the governor’s office, when asked about a potential alternative plan being floated by big city mayors that would spare redevelopment by letting the state borrow or take some redevelopment money, said it could violate Prop. 58, which prevents the state from borrowing to balance its budget.

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