T R Black’s censored comment on American Muslims (censored by the “American Thinker”)

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Okay, first, evidently, the far-right website “The American Thinker” published a horrific and smartass piece (that some of you may agree with) comparing Muslims with sharks in their alleged natural destructiveness, and attempting to leech humor and hipness off Chevy Chase’s old SNL “Land Shark” skit.  [Check out “Sharks Are Not Misunderstood Dolphins, and Islam is Not a Religion of Peace.”]

Then, OJ friend and Irvine intellectual TR Black responded to this outrage with a characteristically thorough and devastating riposte (below) but apparently The American Thinker finds his comment too unsettling, as they have thus far refused to print it.  Well, hell, there’s always the Orange Juice Blog for feisty and lucid thinkers, and we hope TR Black will join us in the future.  Following, his letter of complaint and then his original comment.

Dear Editor:

I cannot fathom that a publication like American Thinker would censor a polite, thoughtful comment, even if it runs contrary to the commentary of assent (all other commentary).

I commented on the article, Sharks Are Not Misunderstood Dolphins, and Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace, last evening between 9 PM and Midnight, PST. It should have been posted somewhere between the comments by TaterCon and Drew. I reviewed it, and posted it. I received the message that it would be moderated before posting. We are now at about the 12 hour mark, and there have be seven subsequent posts, including four by GeorgiaBoy61.

As a writer, you know that it takes time to compose thoughtful commentary. One doesn’t usually do so without expectation of publication (if not remuneration). I think that I have understood and followed the rules of your forum. Is there any editorial reason for not posting my comment in a timely fashion, or is it technical?

One would be hard-pressed to conceive a publication/forum less dedicated to the freedom of speech than yours. I will look forward to having my commentary posted forthrightly. I have attached a copy for your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,

T R Black

This rambling piece throws a lot a shark excrement at the wall hoping some of it sticks. And, it makes about as much sense. To begin, the original crew of SNL used the political right in this country as skeet. Calling on them to support your case that the leftist media is out to get the conservatives is a strange paradox at best.

According to the title, this essay is ostensibly to be about Muslims being killer sharks. Yet Jared Lee Loughner is brought into the piece because he and all who knew him were scrutinized by the media, as well as Sarah Palin, the NRA, and conservatives in general. On the other hand, Muslims and their associates aren’t, even when they are naughty. Huh? Mr. Loughner, as reported by the leftist media, was religiously and politically unaffiliated. He is labeled as not of sound mind. The only reason Ms. Palin was brought up in the matter is because she targeted Congresswoman Giffords on line with an ill-considered graphic. Palin was given ample air-time to defend her depiction, of which she took advantage.

Is Ms. Palin being over-scrutinized by the media? Perhaps. But, consider, she plays many in the media like a fiddle. In fact, her celebrity is far more media-driven than elevated by traditional political means. She shirked her responsibilities as Governor of Alaska half way through her term in order to bask in the glow of the media in the lower 48 as well as to make/take large sums of cash based on that celebrity.

Of course, you are right when you say the media gives her way too much time and credit. What has she really accomplished? Nothing. She is an attractive pinup girl for the right. It is true that the left makes way too much of her. She and her family are just like most of the people on this site, harmless simpletons. The Palins are no different than the Paris Hiltons and their ilk. Famous for being famous. I agree, the media should cease and desist. The Palins have way over-stayed their fifteen minutes. They are not amusing anymore. They should take their money and run.

But, back to your original topic: Muslims. Do the vast majority live in peace? Yes. Is it only extremists that use violence to bring attention to their “cause?” Again, yes. Why? Because the media gives them that attention. It could be argued that the media should give these misguided misanthropes even less attention. Is it a proselytizing religion? Yes. Just like most Christian religions, and the atheism forced upon the populations in the communist countries. It could be argued that this coercive technique is far more destructive to rational thinking than the scant few “terrorist” acts by the few extremists, as they actually turn the unwashed AGAINST Allah and the Muslim faithful.

This is no different than the Israelis on the right in their abuse of Palestinians, or American terror inflicted in these current phony, expensive, debt-ridden wars, or communist Chinese terror on their own people, or black on black genocide in Africa, or continual Russian terror against ex-satellite states. Ironically, when conservatives in America want to negotiate with the likes of Iran and other unfriendly states, they look to speak with the Muslim liberals of those states, as they are the voice of reason. They never want to speak to their own, conservative, absolutist kind. Khomeini was a conservative.

I would be careful in treating “the media” as a block. Remember, Fox, Rush, Glenn and many others support your far right agenda. And, you don’t get to have it both ways. If you say the press is liberal and controlled predominantly by Jews, and that the vast majority of American Jews support Israel, it doesn’t stand to reason that Muslims have been sheltered from the media spotlight. If anything, they have been marginalized. And, have you ever wondered why so many Muslims have made America their home? Is it possible that it was to get AWAY from extreme Muslim-controlled states using Sharia law as the law of the land?

Remember, like you people, autocratic Muslim states go after thinkers and intellectuals first. The conservatives of those nations are left alone. Have any posters here stopped using Muslim oil in their cars?

While your analogy seems absurd at first look, it actually works at one level. The math is congruent. Shark attacks on humans is extremely rare, just like Muslim attacks on infidels. Yet both are blown way out of proportion by the media when they do occur. Go figure.

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