SB 1070 has cost Arizona hundreds of millions and eliminated thousands of jobs

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Are you wondering how SB 1070 has worked out for the State of Arizona?  Not well actually.  According to USA Today, it has cost the state over $250 million, and counting, and eliminated thousands of jobs.  Here are a few excerpts from the USA Today:

Economic boycotts against Arizona after the state passed a tough immigration enforcement law in April have resulted in more than $250 million in losses to the state’s conference and convention industry, according to a study commissioned by a research group critical of the legislation.

Canceled conferences have led to losses including the elimination of more than 2,700 jobs, about $86.5 million in wages for Arizona workers, nearly $10 million in tax revenue for the state and $141 million in spending by conference attendees, according to the study conducted by the consulting firm Elliott D. Pollack & Co. for the Center for American Progress, a liberal-leaning think tank. The study predicts the total damage to the conference industry could reach $388 million in coming years given the current rate of cancellations.

Arizona also used to attract a lot of wealthier Mexicans, who would come north to shop.  Not anymore.  They now go to Texas – the U.S. state with the top economy in our country.

SB 1070 has been ruinous for Arizona.  But the haters behind it will never learn.  They rather destroy their state than face reality.

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