Results of Larry’s election recommendations. A mixed bag

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election 2010

While the GOP and TEA Party groups across the country celebrate many of last night’s victories, Republicans whom I recommended in our statewide and US Senate races were defeated.

Republicans in Orange County must recognize that we live in a very liberal state. There are major progressive voter blocks in San Francisco and parts of LA County where they simply have the numbers.

The only statewide seat still too close to call is the Attorney General office where (R) Steve Cooley and (D) Kamala Harris are awaiting the final count after six and a half million votes have been reported. As of the last report Harris has a 22,299 vote lead.

Michelle Steel, whom I recommended, won her re-election at the BOE.

On a positive note, with the exception of Loretta Sanchez challenger Van Tran, every candidate for the House that I recommended won their races. Incumbents Tom McClintock, Ed Royce, Gary Miller, Dana Rohrabacher and John Campbell.

Every candidate on my list for State Assembly won their races. Curt Hagman, Diane Harkey, Jim Silva, Alan Mansoor, Don Wagner, Jeff Miller and Chris Norby.

Lucille Kring was defeated in her race against Lou Correa in the 34th Senate seat.

A highly contested county race was the office of Treasurer where I recommended Shari Freidenrich over Keith Rodenhuis. Shari prevailed in that contest.

In the Capistrano Unified School District, CUSD, the massive union funded Measure H prevailed. The union was also successful in recalling Mike Winsten and Ken Maddox, two of the CUSD Trustees. Incumbents Anna Bryson and Ellen Addonizio were able to defeat their challengers however Larry Christensen, representing Trustee Area 7, was not able to hold off Lynn Hatton.

Another area where conservatives have taken a major hit were Propositions 23 and 25. While developing nations of China and India are exempt from the Kyoto Accord we have been conned into protecting the environment, GHG emissions, which will only chase more businesses out of California

 The first step to Cap and Trade may have just commenced in CA.
To vote approval of Prop 23, when 20 of our Counties have unemployment at 15 percent was a very dumb move.

And to give the Democratic majority the ability to break the 2/3rds rule on passage of our state budget was another brilliant move. What were the voters thinking?

Now we await to see the loopholes in Prop 25 that will enable the progressive majority in our statehouse the ability to raise our taxes when they are unable to pass a budget on time.

I’ll skip the judges and city council races and simply say that I successfully picked 15 of 24 local council races and 4 out of 9 judicial outcomes.

Yes, this was a mixed bag. I also missed my prediction of the GOP picking up 55 House and 8 US  Senate seats

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