Former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler wants to replace Nancy Pelosi

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Heath Shuler was sacked 46 times during his short career in the NFL. Now, he’s trying to sack Nancy Pelosi.  The conservative North Carolina Democrat is expected to launch a long-shot  bid beginning Sunday to unseat the more liberal Pelosi  as head of the House’s Democratic caucus, The Hill reported, according to the New York Daily News.

Shuler is a Blue Dog in the House.  Half the blue dogs lost on Nov. 2.  You can blame Pelosi and President Obama for that – and Harry Reid too.

Why won’t Pelosi just go away?  Doesn’t she understand how unpopular she is?  Last month Pelosi posted a 29% approval rating, the lowest since she became the majority leader.  Nearly 6 in 10 independents (58%) now view her unfavorably, compared with 86% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats, according to Gallup.

Pelosi’s control over campaign strategy has come under fire in the wake of the election, in part because she was demonized as a symbol of voter frustration with Washington. Her name and image were used in tens of millions of dollars of campaign ads in districts across the country, prompting some Democratic incumbents and challengers to declare they would not vote for her to lead their party in the next Congress. She is deeply unpopular with the public at large — including independents whose approval of her rests in the high single digits, according to Politico.

By appointing Pelosi the new Minority Leader, the House Democrats have given the GOP an early Christmas present.

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