Roastbeef on Loretta Sanchez

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This just came in from David Jerome, who is a Fullerton resident and the author of the Rick Dees-acclaimed novel, “Roastbeef’s Promise.”

I love that there’s finally a close race in the 47th Congressional district. Even more than that though, I envy the citizens of South Fullerton who have the opportunity to vote Liberal Loretta Sanchez off of “Gerrymandered Island.”

Instead of Loretta Sanchez’s usual Harlem Globetrotters verses the Washington Generals kind of re-election where she can stay in her plush DC office or banter with the Hollywood liberals on the Bill Maher Show, this election Representative Sanchez is forced out into the community to defend her positions and try and explain why her votes have helped to produce a 10% unemployment rate and trillions of dollars of new debt. In recent weeks her attempt at damage control has produced nothing more than a self-inflicted case of foot in mouth disease.

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