Blight in Mission Viejo thanks to Dave L & Rick S

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Dave Leckness nails his signs to trees

Dave Leckness nails his signs to trees

Having been involved in every Mission Viejo election for the past 20 years I can report that our city is now “blighted.”

Where to begin. Councilman Leckness or his volunteers nailing yard signs to trees as reported in the Mission Viejo Dispatch

A first for me was blight observed in driving past a high rise. No, not a housing project in Irvine or Anaheim. I refer to triple high yard signs on a single stake by planning commissioner/candidate Sandzimier who previously worked for the Irvine Company and probably wants to promote high density housing in our built out bedroom community.

Instead of simply placing one sign at various locations around the city Rick has blanketed the area or should I say blighted Mission Viejo with his 2,000 yard signs.

Dave Leckness has not been idle in the sign wars as he installs multiple signs in the same locations so that challengers have limited space for their signs.

Drive along Marguerite Parkway and you can’t miss examples of this excess. What the candidates fail to realize is that having a dozen signs together while motorists pass by is a total waste or time, effort and expense. We will never have time to safely drive by and read your message.

In reviewing the candidates #460s this week I can report jobs being saved or created in Santa Ana where COGS South has been busy printing all these signs.

A former HOA Board member and myself observed a Sandzimier’s banner that was installed on a HOA tree where he obviously was trespassing and could have fallen.

The sign has a hand written message that the tree containing his banner is installed on his property. Not true. It was quickly removed by the landscapers.

We all hear of yard signs being stolen every election. One of Brian Skalsky’s banners was recently stolen from a high profile Alicia Parkway corner, in the back yard of a homeowner one block from Sandzimier’s home. Just a coincidence I am sure.

In 24 days this will all be over. Let’s see if the candidates remove their signs after Nov 2nd.

Let’s keep it simple. Reject all council incumbents.

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