Correa Endorses yet Another Republican for Anaheim City Council

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Without intention, there come poetic images in life that strike to the heart of things. Driving in Anaheim the other day, this most recently happened with jornaleros in search of work hanging around “Lou Correa for State Senate” yard signs along the grassy side walk of the neighborhood Home Depot. The out of touch politician could serve well to lend his name and stature towards the development of a much needed workers’ center there, but he’s too busy endorsing Republicans for the city council race. News of the State Senator’s latest move came courtesy of the always reliable Liberal Press Release OC. Correa, as it reads, has lent his political blessings to OCEA-backed Republican John Leos for the November election.

Should this come as a surprise? Of course not. Senator Correa’s website describes himself as an “old-fashioned” Democrat. Wikipedia calls him a “moderate.” I say he plays bass for los Dinos! With that, the posting went on to tackle graffiti politics in Anaheim noting that Correa is a “tireless opponent of graffiti, blight, and the gang element it attracts and nurtures.” What nurtures gangs is a much more complex sociological question, but that didn’t stop Correa from congratulating himself and Leos for the work they have done in Anaheim – even if the city has extremely short-sighted anti-graffiti policies in place. Tagging, and my home has been bombed on more than once or twice, asks us to, in effect, read the writing on the wall. Meditate on that for awhile…

Aside from that initial point of confluence between the two politicians, this endorsement is just bad politics all around. Correa, a Democrat, has now given a heads up to a second Republican –  the first being Gail Eastman – in an election for two open seats. Perhaps this is part of the reason why OC remains Nixonlandia and Anaheim is entrapped in a conservatism it has outgrown demographically for years now. Leos is a longtime resident of the city, like Correa, and even has roots in Mexico (which threw me off with his Greek last name!) Politicians are free to endorse whoever they like, but this move by Correa just doesn’t stir the Kool-Aid. There are plenty of party Democrats running for city council to kick down an endorsement to.

One of which, Bill Dalati, represents a Republican defection and the turning of the political tide of the city’s Arab-American community. Not only that, Dalati is simultaneously calling Allan Mansoor a sell-out in his assistance of fellow Democrat Phu Nguyen’s race against the Republican self-hater (A two for one deal!) Instead of recognizing shifting trends that could help the party increase its base and influence, Correa goes on and gives two Republicans the political equivalent of a Facebook “like!” No bueno…

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