Congressman John Campbell referred to House Ethics Committee

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An outside House ethics watchdog organization has suggested that the full House Ethics Committee probe Reps. Joseph Crowley (D-NY), John Campbell (R-CA) and Tom Price (R-GA) to determine if there was a link between their fundraisers and how they voted on a Wall Street reform bill, according to Fox News

Campbell voted for TARP even though he pretends to be a conservative.  Now it looks like that vote may have been self-serving.  He is now the Maxine Waters of the GOP!

His Democratic opponent, Beth Krom, is just as corrupt – and wasteful, with a penchant for doling out no-bid contracts to her amigos.  She is also planning to spend a half a billion on the Great Park and the unwanted Irvine City Bus System.

Clearly voters need to reject Campbell and Krom and vote for Libertarian Mike Binkley.

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