Confessions of Conservative Republicans

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Attended the OC Republican Central Committee Meeting last night. Ran into our favorite person Wendy Leece who is running for re-election on the Costa Mesa City Council. Ran into Don Wagner who is shooting for the Assembly, and who we like very much. Saw our good friends Linda and Bruce Whitaker who is running for the two year term, left over from Shawn Nelson…who we have already given money to for his election in Fullerton. Ran into Ed Reno who is running for Newport Beach City Council in District #3 but we like him. Ed is a professional lobbyist for Allegan, but he knows his stuff and is probably the most qualified candidate that has run for City Council in a long while. Can’t believe we are going to vote for a guy from “Big Pharma”! The highlight of course was to see our very dear friend Lucille Kring…who was delegated the job of taking on Lou Correa for his Senate seat – rather than running for Mayor in Anaheim!

Looking around the Central Committee we saw our old pal Tom Fuentes, Jack Wu, Deborah Pauly, Allan Monsoor, Ed Royce Sr., Jack Anderson, Nancy Padberg and Paul Glaab. Oh sure, we saw Tim Whitacre and Todd Spitzer, Jon Fleischman, Adam Problinsky, Anna Bryson and luminary Scott Baugh too. Don’t you just hate name droppers? Where is Van Tran now that we need him?

We won’t mention everyone…..but you get the idea: We have seen these people around for a long time. The issues addressed were interesting: Prop. 14…and the fight against “Open Primary Elections”…making every seat…literally “Non-Partisan”- Baugh vowing to fight and challenge to last man in the Supreme Court on that one! And of course; “the Scott Baugh Axiom of 2010”: No Union money…ever!! No Fire, No Sheriff, No Public Employee Union Money…EVER! That is; if you want a local Republican Endorsement! Tony Beall got Volunteer of the Cycle!

Fast forward to November and what our Nationally disorientated Republican Party is facing. Dick Armey: “Hostile Take-Over by the Tea Party of the Republican Party”. Sarah Palin wanting to take charge of the Tea Party! A plethora of so-called Conservative Republicans that voted for TARP and the Stimulus….and will probably want to bail out Fannie and Freddie for the next 20 years! Meg Whitman…who is not likeable, Carly Fiorina who is not kicking down the Barbara Boxer Dynasty Show. An assortment of various “New Majority Candidates” that claim that they are “Religious and Economic Conservatives” – whatever that means! So, what does this mean again….you about that California Budget and the missing $Billions and $Billions? Will it make any difference who we elect for State office during these End Times?

Folks….Republican Brothers and Sisters – we are in disarray! Do we even have a consensus on the the forthcoming Initiatives? How about Pot? How about the Re-Districting? Or the other seven items?

A Japanese Fire Drill looks more organized. Is it just the appearance of “lack of leadership” …. or are we totally twisting in the wind? We have no National leader! We don’t want Newt, Mitt, Dick, Mike or Sarah! We aren’t sure Marco Rubio is a real deal, any more than Bobby Jindal. These guys are just not ready for prime time….as far as we are concerned. Who are we going to follow? Tough. Don’t know, but we are open! Anyone out there with an idea? Guess we will just have to Google it! Or Answer dot com it! Or Yahoo it? Hey people, we are really confused about this 2010 Election deal.

Guess, we will just stick with those folks we know. Folks that answer our e-mails and those folks that occasionally even stand on the right side (the side we like) of the issues! Those days of shoulder to shoulder, bite the bullet, take the lesser of two evils is over! This election we are only going to vote for people we like! Will that make any difference? Don’t know,…Don’t care! In the meantime, we still detest Michael Bloomberg and still love Rudy Guiliani! Still bummed out that those bankers got bailed out and didn’t have to serve any prison time! Love the fact that the Swiss Banks are giving up their numbered accounts of US Citizens! Too bad the Off-Shore Carribean Banks won’t do the same!

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