New campaign reports show Sanchez has over one million cash on hand

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Congressional campaign finance reports were released today, and the news isn’t terribly good for some of Orange County’s challengers.

In the 47th Congressional District, Assemblyman Van Tran reported $347,914 cash on hand.  The incumbent, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, by comparison, reported $1,123,245 cash on hand.

That is really shocking as Tran has been planning to run for Congress for years.  He is already at a huge disadvantage, and the campaign is just getting started.

Over in the 48th, Democratic challenger Beth Krom reported $167,022 cash on hand.  The incumbent, Congressman John Campbell, reported $1,165,959 cash on hand.  Game over.

In the 44th, Democratic challenger Bill Hedrick reported $115,494 cash on hand.  The incumbent, Ken Calvert, reported $576,860 cash on hand.  Ouch.

There do not appear to be any congressional districts in play this year.  The incumbents simply have too much money and the challengers just can’t seem to raise much at all.

It is early yet but when Sanchez and Campbell are each reporting over a million bucks in the bank, you can see how Quixotic the campaigns of their challengers really are…

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