US Rep Hunter wants to Deport US born Children, includes US military personnel

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US Rep Duncan Hunter (Republic-CA) from CA’s 52nd District (East and North San Diego) calls for the deportation of native-born American citizens whose parents are or were undocumented immigrants.

This includes a few hundred thousand American military personnel.

This in violation of the US Constitution, and a slap to American Military personnel.

This was forwarded by a Retired Colonel and a Lt Colonel.

The Lt Colonel state,s, “I was at first skeptical of this news report, given that most Congressional Representatives are not in the habit of calling for the deportation of their constituents (and in Congressman Hunter’s case, a few hundred thousand American military personnel would be included in the group he wants to deport.)  But the story is true (and you can see the video on Youtube, I watched it myself)”

He makes the statement at the 2 minute mark.

US Rep. Hunter made his comments at a “tea party” rally in the San Diego County city of Ramona over the weekend. You can see a video of his remarks above.

This is really a sad development.  To have this level of pandering, which arises from bigotry, hate or ignorance, in complete disregard for our Constitution and settled law, and again against thousands who have fought, bled, or died for our country.  Truly sad!

Francisco J. Barragan CPA, CIA

Served US Marines (1987 -1994)

Served CA Army National Guard (1994-1997)

Commander of a veterans organization

About Francisco Barragan