Rand Paul hops on the Anti-Mexican Crazy Train

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“U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul is stirring it up again, this time by saying he opposes citizenship for children born in the U.S. to parents who are illegal immigrants,” according to the AP.

At times like these, I am reminded that Paul is not in fact a Libertarian. He is a Republican – and now he, like our GOP gubernatorial candidates here in California, has hopped on board the Anti-Mexican Crazy Train.

So what do Libertarians think about immigration? I turned to the national Libertarian Party’s website for answers to this question. Here are a few excerpts from an article I found, that was published on April 26, of this year:

The Libertarian Party has a long history of defending immigration. Our website has an article discussing immigration. I think that if there’s a problem with massive illegal immigration, then one of the best solutions is to make legal immigration easier.

From an economic point of view, immigrants are an asset, not a liability. Business owners usually understand that, but politicians often either don’t understand or don’t care. In an environment of fear, which is where many politicians seem to want to keep us, they use immigrants (both legal and illegal) as scapegoats so they can duck blame for problems caused by too much government.

Republican George W. Bush gave us the enormously expensive Medicare prescription entitlement. Republican Senator John McCain famously put his 2008 presidential campaign on hold to rush back to Washington to bail out failed banks and businesses. When times are tough, focusing on immigrants helps distract from these homegrown threats to our economy.

Paul’s increasingly annoying GOP stances, which include maligning the Civil Rights Act, may result in the Kentucky Libertarian Party running a candidate against him in the November general election: “A week after a come-from-behind victory over the GOP’s establishment candidate in a Kentucky Senate primary, Rand Paul is facing a possible challenge by the Libertarian Party and is shaking up his staff after comments he made about racial segregation caused a firestorm,” according to the AP.

What a waste of a candidate.  I find these pseudo-Libertarian GOP candidates to be quite annoying.  We have a lot of them here in Orange County too.  In fact, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher was once a Libertarian.  Good riddance!

Listen folks, hating immigrants is NOT the Libertarian way.  If you are a hater, please stay in the GOP.  We don’t want you in the Libertarian Party!

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