The Republican candidates for CA Attorney General are dishonest

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Eastman and Harman – You Lie!

Sen. Tom Harman will not be listed as a prosecutor on the June 8 primary ballot for attorney general. A Sacramento Superior Court judge Thursday upheld a challenge to Harman’s ballot designation of “Prosecutor/Attorney/Senator,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

Attorney general candidate John Eastman lost his fight today to identify himself as “Assistant Attorney General” on the Republican primary ballot for the June 8 election. Superior Court Judge Timothy M. Frawley rejected that ballot designation and an alternative sought by Eastman, “Taxpayer Advocate/Attorney,” as inaccurate depictions of Eastman’s principal profession or occupation, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Harman participated in some goofy internship program at the O.C. District Attorney’s office.  He never prosecuted a damn thing.  And Eastman helped out some A.G. in another state, but he most certainly was not an “Assistant A.G.”  Liars!

Why are these Republican candidates for State Attorney General so dishonest? They both sought to lie to voters with blatanbly fraudulent ballot designations. As a result, neither of them will have my vote.

And of course they are both knuckle-dragging uber Republicans. Both are pro-death penalty, against Three Strikes Reform, and against medical marijuana.

No thanks! Vote for anyone but Eastman and Harman for State Attorney General.

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