The Repbulican Establishment Embarrassed Again: Meg Whitman + Goldman Sacs = Ouch

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You know, when I start to see the usual suspects come out of the woodwork for a candidate, I can almost predict what’s going to happen.

This time – they went past Scozzafava and endorsed someone with Scozzafava’s values who tried to (and in many cases did) purchase the loyalty of the Party of whom she is barely a member.

I’m sorry – I am glad I stuck with Steve, and I keep getting reminded of it. Six weeks ago, people were calling on Steve to suspend his campaign or not file… now, it is time for Whitman to suspend her campaign for the good of California. Jerry Brown will shred Whitman to pieces.

1. Tom McClintock is going to open a can of B.T.A. on the opponent of said candidate. Watch here to see Tom McClintock call Meg Whitman the third term of Arnold.

Now that Meg Whitman’s store-bought 50 point lead has evaporated… Goldman Sachs and their “Vulture Funds” are center stage. Also center stage is Meg Whitman’s participation in Stock-Spinning.

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