Proposition 17—It’s A Scam!

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(Excerpted with permission from Eddie’s Corner, the weblog of Eddie Rose at

Mercury Insurance’ multi-million dollar campaign of lies and deception would like to hide from the voters the fact that Prop. 17, if passed into law by the voters in June, would allow insurance companies to RAISE RATES on California drivers, based upon their history of buying insurance.

The Official Title and Summary of Proposition 17 warns that it will allow car insurers to raise premiums. Of course, Mercury did not want the voters to know this, so they went to court to try and overturn the ballot summary.

But the courts would have no part of Mercury’s disingenuous campaign. Early in March, Judge Allen Sumner rejected Mercury’s lies and ruled that the voters will indeed be advised on the ballot that Prop. 17 will allow car insurance surcharges. The following statement will now appear in the Official Title and Summary of Prop. 17:

“Will allow insurance companies to increase cost of insurance to drivers who do not have a history of continuous insurance coverage.”

Prop. 17 would impose a surcharge on drivers, including soldiers and seniors, who have had a lapse in car insurance coverage for virtually any reason during the last five years. Under California state law, insurance companies are prohibited from imposing this surcharge.

Voters should see through this phony initiative, Prop. 17, for what it is—a total scam!

Click here to see the No on Prop. 17 website.

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