Beth Krom: Kiss your tax dollars goodbye!

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Dear Vern,

Today is “Tax Day” in America. The general idea, is that we all pay in, and the benefits of our investments are returned in federal support for local schools, roads, bridges, water resources and other critical public enhancements. That’s where your representative comes in. They’re supposed to care about the needs of their constituents. They’re supposed to fight for their districts.

If you live in our district (California’s 48th), you can pretty much kiss your tax dollars goodbye. Of the 435 congressional districts across America, our district is ranked 9th in the amount of federal taxes we send to Washington according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

Unfortunately, John Campbell doesn’t think it’s his job to bring OUR tax dollars back to OUR communities. Why? Because he believes EVERY appropriation is an earmark. Period. No discussion. We send billions of dollars to Washington, and he works every day to make sure not one penny comes back. If that’s not “taxation without representation,” I don’t know what is!

When UC Irvine is competing for federal research dollars, where do they turn? When Newport Beach needs to dredge out the Back Bay, who’s got their back? When cities need support for critical infrastructure, who do they call? Not John Campbell.He’s got other priorities. Like co-sponsoring the “Birther Bill which questions the president’s citizenship, or rolling back consumer protections for car dealers. .

Benjamin Franklin said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” With John Campbell representing you, you can also be certain that your tax dollars will probably wind up building roads in New Jersey, managing coastal resources in Florida or funding research at Harvard, instead of being invested HERE in the communities where you live and work.

Investments in economic growth, education, public safety and environmental stewardship are critical. Without them, communities fail. Nobody likes paying taxes, but public investments in local priorities do make a difference. As a former mayor with ten years of experience in local government, I understand the importance of leveraging taxpayer investments to support the needs of local communities.

When I’m elected, you can count on me to focus on our local priorities – and to make sure that your hard-earned tax dollars are reinvested here at home to benefit your families and our communities.
Thanks for your continued support!


Beth Krom
Congressional Candidate
48th Congressional District
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