Why did Van Tran spend over $20K on air travel when he lives in Sacramento?

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Total Buzz hack reporter Martin Wisckol, who shills for the lame Red County and Liberal OC blogs, attacked State Senator Lou Correa today, in an article about how much money our state legislators spent on their air travel, over the past two years.

Wisckol specifically called out Correa for his travel – but the reason Correa travels so much is that he, unlike Assemblyman Van Tran (a Wisckol favorite) actually lives here in Orange County, specifically in Santa Ana. And it should be noted that Correa, unlike Republican State Senators Dick Ackerman and Tom Harman, spent zero on out of state travel.

The real scandal is that Tran still spent over $20,000 on air travel even though he doesn’t live here in Orange County! Leave it to the Trannie Wisckol to forget to mention that little detail.

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Assemblyman Jose Solorio spent about as much as Correa did, just over $24,000, on air travel, but he too actually lives here in Orange County. That means neither Correa nor Solorio collect the per diem that liars like Tran do. Tran alleges that he lives in Westminster, and collects per diem payments, even though he actually lives in West Saramento.

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