No Up or Down Vote, and Doctors will quit

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I’m so tired of talking about it. What we are seeing from Democrats in Congress is the full force of the virtuous in action. They know better and they will do anything to get their way. They will violate the spirit and letter of the constitution to get this monstrosity of legislation passed. They talk about “government creating competition“, when that never works. They demonize insurance companies with their Astroturf propaganda that Obama’s advisors are making millions from. They throw out false numbers like 44,000 die every year from lack of insurance. Which is stupid because health insurance is NOT medical care. Pelosi also had to add Government taking over Student Loans to add $100 billion in deficit savings. That means Health Care actually saves less than even the GOP version of Tort Reform, which is weak at best.

Meanwhile, Obama is CEO of the biggest insurance company in the country, one guilty of more rescission than all the rest combined. And they still try to claim that Private Insurance companies are the bad guys and Government Insurance is the answer. Roughly half of all primary care doctors will quit their practice if Obamacare passes. With 30 million newly entitled patients, look forward to longer lines in the waiting rooms, few doctors, and less quality.

Apart from all of the propaganda is the ridiculous and absurd notion that controlling spending is the same as controlling costs. It isn’t. Nothing the Democrats are proposing actually controls the cost of health care. They are only talking about controlling what is spent. As in, controlling what care you can and can’t have. Wherever government controls costs, it increases demands. Control the costs of gasoline, you get shortages, as we did in the days of Carter. Control rent, you get overdemand for apartments in cities like New York.

Goodbye deficit reduction

And, finally and latest, the reality that Obamacare is not a deficit reduction scheme but merely one large part of the Health Care Fiasco in toto was revealed yesterday. The memo from Rep. Hoyers office makes it clear that the Democrats have much more waiting to add to the health care bill awaiting each one of us. Next up is the “doc fix”. The Medicare fix for payments to doctors is handled year to year. When that figure is included, the health care plan increases the deficit by as much as $100 billion over the next decade. If Congress fails to implement an excise tax assumed in the CBO scoring, it goes even higher.

Let it pass. Obama doesn’t have much legitimacy left. That will finish it off.

* Update

It looks like the Democrats are going to have to vote on the Stupak Amendment to Obamacare as part of the “Deem to Pass” maneuver. Also, now that Harry Teague of New Mexico has declared himself a “No” vote, the margin is now ZERO. Pelosi will have to get all 8 undecideds to win, even if she gets the Stupak 8 with the new amendment.

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