Carly Fiorina changes Tom Campbell from a RINO to a demon sheep

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Fiscal conservatives like to call tax and spend Republicans RINO.  Now one Republican candidate has decided to dub them…demon sheep.

In the video above, GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina attacks her moderate opponent Tom Campbell as a Fiscal Conservative in Name Only, or FCINO.  And she depicts him as a demon sheep.

While the video has been a smash hit on YoutTube, there are a few critics.

“I thought the spot was right on as far as its message, but we’re not talking about Campbell’s record, we’re talking about sheep and devil eyes and everything else,” said Allan Hoffenblum, a Republican political analyst and publisher of the California Target Book that tracks state elections. (Reuters)

I see Hoffenblum’s point, but this video is getting so much play that you have to consider it a smash success for Team Carly.

Plus this is a bad time for RINO’s to be running for office.  One of them just got recalled in Mission Viejo…

Will Campbell strike back?  If he does, perhaps he will produce a demon Carly…but he will have a tough time ripping her.  She has never held a political office and has been a bit vague as to her plans.  Campbell’s plans, unfortunately for him, are public record.  And yes, he is pretty much a tax and spend RINO…

But if anyone is a demon it is the woman these folks are trying to beat, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer!

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